6 Incentives for Businesses to Invest in Aircraft Financing


Businesses have taken a significant hit post-Covid-19. As shipments and cargo have been restricted, personal jets are the safer option for travel. Rather than waiting in needlessly long queues, you can save time and resources to invest in an aircraft of their own. Buying a plane through complete payment could cripple financial standings but leasing it through an airplane financing service will leave less than a dent.

Increase in productivity

Ever sat in a commercial fight and wondered about all that you could accomplish in the sluggish time? Owning a personal aircraft provides you with space and the right mindset to work. You can get a lot done in the 2 to 5-hour flight, let alone on an international flight lasting over 16 hours. They say time is money, and the slow span during air travel is certainly no exception. When flying your chosen company, you don’t have to worry about unwanted attention, stares, or interruption. Personal planes are an excellent investment for businessmen, celebrities, and influencers who travel frequently. Your time to yourself is limited, so make the most of it by leasing a plane through an airplane financing agency.

Value for time and money

When traveling commercially, there is no time to save. It’s either waiting endlessly in extended lines or the hustle of the airport. Most days, it’s difficult to catch a flight at odd times. Much like the family in Home Alone, most of us barely make it before boarding. With your private plane, you reinvest time and money. With a personal aircraft, you aren’t bound to a standard schedule or limited seating. You pay a lot of money for a commercial plane during recreational travel. At the least, you deserve some comfortable seats, family time, and some peace.

Reasonable Aircraft Loan Interests

Financing companies such as Air Fleet Capital provide reasonable payment plans. You can consult with these agencies to figure out the best option available for you. Your choices will depend on your down payment and the purpose of purchase. These servicing companies help narrow down on your prospects and help sustain the value of your aircraft. You don’t have to spend all your time worrying if you have the right resources or not. Consulting with a financing agency will reassure you with tentative possibilities.

Airport Access

There are lesser central airports as compared to smaller airports. Your private jet does not restrict you to specific airports. You can travel from the closest ports available. Such accessibility brings in an element of luxury. With the repurposed amount from commercial flights, you are provided leisure and facilities. Aircraft financing companies also open avenues for airport access through networking.

Value Addition

Airplane financing companies provide upgrades for your airplanes. These upgrades also increase your aircraft’s popularity and value. Every year the value of property increases; similarly, airplanes can also increase in value if maintained well. Airplanes age like wine when catered for, customized, and regulated. You can deck out your plane without losing its quality. If for some reason, you cannot upgrade it, it won’t lose value. This fact makes planes the perfect asset.

Generate Income to Cover Aircraft Loan Rates

Don’t save your plane in a garage when you can use it as a charter for private travel. You can provide services for sports teams, local businessmen, city tours, and families. Such personal travel services, especially after COVID-19, are in greater demand. These services can help you generate revenue out of thin air. They can also help you pay off loans, fuel costs, and maintenance.

These are the main reasons why you should invest in personal aircraft in a post-pandemic world. The demand has risen immensely, and it is time to think business. Relocate your sources for the best monetary and value gain. Start today!