5 Ways To Style Circle Earrings Like A Fashion Blogger

silver circle earrings

There are several ways to style and wear circle earrings. These earrings are a piece of jewelry that can never go out of fashion. You can style them with anything and for any occasion. Here are five different ways to style them.

Red lips and circle earrings

The very first way to style your favourite silver circle earrings is combining it with bold lips. Red lipstick makes you stand out and when you pair circle earrings along with it, you get the perfect hipster look. 

Making cocle earrings a statement piece brings in a different attitude and attention to your look. Adding red lipstick tends to create a drama but also gives a very cool hipster style at the same time. Now that you have your earring and lipstick on, you can style your hair in a way that the earrings do not hide behind the hair. Try to keep all the other jewelry delicate so that nothing seems distracting.

Boho look and circle earrings

Next is the look that can make anyone fall for you. It is a cool gypsy, bohemian look that can be paired with big circle earrings in silver. You can further accessorise with a head wrap as it will look extremely cool and fashionable with the big earrings. Talking about the jewelry, team up, wear some bracelets, rings and necklaces to complete your look. Wrapping a stylish scarf around your head is a very popular gyspsy-nomad fashion style that will make you stand out of the crowd. In case you are not happy with wrapping the scarf, try a bun with one half of hair. The sleekness and unpretentious style of the look will look perfect in every woman.

Tiny circles for timeless classy look

After the nomad style, it is time to plan a classy yet fashionable look for you. And for that all you need is classy attire, minimal makeup and small silver circle earrings. It is ot always necessary to make your jewelry a statement. A piece of jewelry should be nothing but a cool addition to your outfit that makes you look interesting. Classic circle earrings are majorly worn during professional settings or to go to a formal party. Though these earrings do not draw much attention but certainly add a character to your look. Also, they are extremely easy to style. They are neat, dscreet, elegant, stylish and timeless pieces of jewelry that will never let you down.

Big circle earrings for street style look

With big circle silver or gold earrings, you can manage to look trendy on a daily basis. These earrings look great on all the ladies. Whether you are going grocery shopping in a casual outfit or heading for brunch, these earrings can instantly lighten up your look. During the times when you do not feel like dressing up much, you can still make yourself look noticeable by wearing big earrings. You may throw on basics but do not forget to wear those dazzling earrings.

Medium sized circle earrings for professional look

Last but not least is the medium sized circle earrings that can be worn for a professional business look. This particular size of earrings are perfect for a trendy setting even when you are at work. They look extremely fashionable with professional outfits and are definitely not extra. Instead of wearing a pair of bold earrings that would take away all the attention and make you feel embarrassed in a business meeting, wear something that gets along with the vibe of the place.

With good quality circle earrings you can always remain stylish without overdoing it. All you need to do is find the right size for the occasion and you are good to look like a diva.