5 Useful Things You Can Do With a Laser Cutter


Lasers have always been cool and carried an air of danger and excitement about them. Where they once existed as the thing of science fiction, they now have outstanding possibilities for our everyday life. You can even be creating items with lasers in your own home.

Still, confused about what you can do with lasers? We give 5 useful things you can do with a laser cutter in our helpful guide.

1. Art

Laser cutting can create some intricate designs. In addition to this, it is quite an unknown medium in the field of art, giving you a license to explore a medium that has barely been exploited. Depending on the metal you decide to cut, your piece could last for years in a gallery or outdoors.

The possibilities are endless. Would you create 3D sculptures from laser cutters, or finely designed plates and commemorative items? Once you have the cutter, you can begin to experiment and open your mind.

2. Furniture and Interior Design

Many pieces of furniture are often cut using laser tools. Metal topped tables with wrought iron style designs will often have been done with a metal laser cutter, as it allows precise shapes and cut-out sections. You will find that lots of outdoor furniture are created using a laser cutter.

You can also cut wooden furniture using this device. However, the heat of the beam will have to be adjusted to prevent the wood from catching fire.

Interior design can also benefit from laser cut items. Room dividers with complex designs can be grafted from sheet metal. Other furniture types such as lamps and stencils can also be made easily.

3. Packaging

Have you ever wanted to create a great looking, bespoke package for your product? Perhaps you have a deluxe or special edition that needs something different? If so, a wood laser cutter can help.

Beer and wine crates are available to buy online from craftsmen who use laser cutters. You can get your own craft brewery or vineyard logo engraved on them, or write a message for a special occasion. Then fill them with your product or a selection of great gifts as a special hamper.

4. Jewelry

Just like making furniture, the design possibilities for jewelry are endless. Creating pendants and earrings are easy, and it is even easier to cut them into fine designs with lots of angles and swerves. You can go for large items or small, and they are usually more cost-effective in large quantities.

If you want to go for the natural, eco look, you can also craft wood jewelry. It can look very modern and stylish with sharp geometric lines. Laser-cut glass can also be applied in place of expensive gemstones for some of the best features of costume jewelry.

5. Laser Cutter Tools

An awful amount of tools are laser cut. From spades to straws, if it is metal, it can be cut into shape by a laser cutter. And this is not just your normal household tools.

Much of the equipment and tools used in the medical field are crafted from laser cutters. The stainless steel is excellent for staving off germs and bacteria. Lots of aerospace parts are also laser cut for their precision and durability.

Business Applications

Once you know the practical applications of a laser cutter, you can begin to think about how they can apply to your business. Can you profit from laser-cut products and services in your company?

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