5 top Online Marketplaces for Selling Your Products

Online Marketplaces for Selling Your Products

Looking behind the time when the advent of the internet and e-commerce was nowhere to be seen – newspapers and yard sale boards were the only things where one could sell his products. But now, we have stepped into the shoes of the revolutionized era and things are not the same anymore! in his article, we will discuss what are the 5 top online marketplaces for selling your products.

Owning a storefront virtually with the help of today’s technological means and selling your products via different websites and apps. It has become easier for retailers to make extra money even without leaving the comfort of their houses.


Using virtual online stores and the tradeoff industry, it is now much easier to sell and buy new brands and used items than it used to be. With the variety of mobile and web applications, web purchasing and browsing have received a copious amount of attention.

The virtual trade and buying shops have become more defined and since the pandemic, 47% of the e-commerce sales were reflected to be made by the virtual trading stores. According to the recently published reports, another dramatic boost is being forecasted to grow in the next 5 years.

Accelerated by the novel coronavirus, giants of electronic trading like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are becoming the rising stars. Being big players of e-commerce around the globe, these all-rounders are piled up with considerable major niches and a diverse range of categories.


This is simply amazing how rapidly the market can shift – a commendable swap from the physical storefront to digital commerce!

Web-based buying and selling websites reported sales of $2.6 trillion in 2020 that contributed up to 62% of global digital sales. This is a no-brainer, pandemic fueled up these digital forums of selling and has set the bar by infusing the people with a new mindset of launching a digital business.

There are unbelievably tremendous opportunities that could drive immense sales for the online business. But some of the e-shopping centers can simply do more than wonders. From the idea of launching a CV writing service UK or the platform for selling your craft and products, this tech era has brought all of us an enormous change in the purchasing trends.

But when it comes to the e-market, there are tons of factors that must be considered. Some of the questions about which you must think are jotted down below for your help.

How much time are you ready to spend on the customizing and setting up of your internet store?

What would be the niche of your shop and what group of the audience would be targeted?

Are you comfortable diving in the ocean of larger bazaars?

Have you designed your marketing and content promotion strategies?

Let the answer be in any domain – you must decide your internet audience and platform so you could diversify the presence. Below, we have broken down the 5 best platforms for the selling of your products. These sales channels have been discussed in detail and you can decide for yourself what’s best for your business.


Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace with revenue that amounted to be more than $386 billion in 2020! A massively known marketing channel for retailers, Amazon is a highly competitive yet trusted website with which one can go. Selling more than 400 products per minute, this giant merchandise guarantees a huge number of sales.

But this ultimately indicates that the website would be charging more fees for the products. The professional selling account on Amazon asks for the application process and a $39.99 fee per month. Money for each sold item is also charged. However, once you have gotten successful with the sales, it would become easier for you to pay the charges.

The cost of becoming a retailer at Amazon depends upon the plan that you would have chosen. Amazon SEO is one important thing to learn for the creation of products listings. Research of the niches is also essential. Supply chain, inventory management, and brand content enhancement also play a vital role and your success depends upon these factors.


When we talk about the selling of stuff via your website, Shopify is the most trusted yet easiest one to go with. Reports of October 2019 reflected, more than 1,000,000 merchants were using Shopify for trading purposes. With the help of Shopify, business owners would be having full control over their e-commerce website.

Shopify charges $29/month for a basic plan. This also includes the website, blog, SSL, certificate, shopping cart recovery, and sales channel from social media. Global e-commerce merchandise is considered to be the best platform for selling purposes on your website. An incredible marketplace with a beginner-friendly interface and outstanding customer service, Shopify.

Researchers from the best CV writing service in UK also believe Shopify is an excellent choice for the website and retail space. Because of the built-in SEO tools, you won’t have to waste your energy on performance enhancement. For those on a budget, there are also paid and free themes available. Marketing of the products is also easy with an automated virtual assistant.


eBay is one of the most well-known and longest-standing e-commerce websites where sellers are allowed to list any type of item. Additionally, this huge store allows retailers to customize their virtual storefronts with photos, categorizations, customer newsletters, and banner images. This helps the suppliers in getting more traffic for their offered items.

Furthermore, eBay allows the vendors with protection and security for their finances. Managed payment options, inventory optimization tools, and growth tools – eBay is one of the best shopping websites for retailers. Selling on eBay would charge you two fees, one for insertion and another one for the final value fee.

This mega-selling store is having up to 182 million users worldwide. Since eBay’s launch in 1995, it has evolved to sell more than just used items goods to the largest e-commerce retailer. eBay seller hub is also designed to help you run your business actively. Sellers also get multiple opportunities and options with their products for specific prices.


Resembling the Ruby Lane e-commerce store, Etsy is known for catering more niches as compared to Amazon and eBay. At this trading website, you can sell handmade crafts, collectibles, and antiques as well. In 2019, the annual sales of Etsy exceeded $4.97 billion and this platform was considered the most lucrative forum for selling and buying.

$0.20 is charged by Etsy for listing each item and that item could stay in the store as long as it is not sold out. When the product would be sold, there would be a 5% transaction fee and 3% along with a processing fee. The rates of Etsy are quite uniform for all the vendors out there and the payment gateway is also sound, secure, and encrypted.

If you want your business to have access to quality customers then Etsy is an all-rounder. You can gain a network with wholesale customers and can get the simplest selling options for the e-commerce store. While working with Etsy, you won’t have to upload photos of stock. You can just upload the inventory and can get started with the selling process.


Last but not the least, Squarespace has also occupied its place in the list. This is another emerging virtual e-commerce store that gives users full control of their websites. Be it the organizations or the sales, Squarespace is offering a variety of friendly and engaging customized templates. One can create a functional and beautiful business storefront easily with the help of this virtual shop.

Moreover, this trading platform allows the owner to track the inventory and the goods that are available in the catalog. In this way, this becomes easy to market the products to the targeted audience. Also, Squarespace keeps up the integration with other commerce platforms so this is quite good for the owner to connect the dots.

Adding feathers to the cap, Squarespace provides the perfect layout to fit your items in an exemplary retail vision. In terms of consumers, this trading store has proven itself to be friendly and easy to use. From supporting brand loyalty to the calculation of accurate shipping costs, this electronic commerce forum is changing the buying and selling traditions.


This ultimate long guide is going to bring you the help for which you are searching. The abovementioned 5 top online marketplaces for selling your products are our top picks. You can do a little more research to find the perfect match for your virtual trading business idea. Be sure to choose the one that is profitable for your niche from the very beginning stage. Have good luck with your virtual store.