5 Social Media Marketing Trends To Look For – Prediction Of 2022


Social media marketing is the branch of digital marketing that evolves as the social media platforms are updated when new features are introduced. But the evolution in social media marketing also happens with time. As a marketer, you must be updated with the social media trends and build the marketing change accordingly.

However, we have predicted some of the trends or changes in social media marketing. So today, social media marketing in Delhi has brought you the blog with some exciting trends perhaps taking place.

  1. Point Of Sale:

90% of the businesses are on Facebook, creating their brand awareness. But social media accounts can be more of an online store. Since the start of the pandemic, Facebook and Instagram have developed the feature of online stores. This in-app feature trend can rise with time, and the business profile will be point-of-sale. Thus, many business profiles present on the platforms like Facebook can get more sales from this platform itself.

  1. Growing On Youtube Is Lot Easier:

Youtube is the platform where brands love to perform influencer marketing rather than grow their profile on it. The reason behind it may be many, and one of the reasons is that the growth of the profile on it is tougher. So many stay away from it. However, now the growth on Youtube can be a lot easier, due to the new engaging features introduced by the platform, such as Shorts.

Shorts is a short video format (30 seconds-1 minute). It has a quality engagement, where one can easily gain views, likes, and high insights. Also, the algorithm of Youtube is improved, and paid advertising on Youtube has different forms and display positions. So, it can be beneficial for the business to promote.

  1. Rise Of Small Social Network:

Platforms like Telegram, Clubhouse, Reddit, etc, can be on the rise. These platforms have created a buzz in recent times. Also, there are many features introduced, and things are favorable for the brands and companies. Now Telegram has introduced the paid advertising platform for businesses. So there can be strong community building on these fewer social networks.

This kind of thing can give rise to the usage of the platforms, likewise Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  1. Eye On Twitter:

Twitter is a lot more than controversial. You can see the rise of engagement and revenue on Twitter. Over the past 18 months, there are many features to the platform though some have fallen flat. There is a step-down of CEO Jack Dorsey, so we can expect more improvement and changes on the platform. Hence, keeping an eye on Twitter – early birds can be beneficial in 2022.

  1. Short Video Brings Engagement:

There is no doubt video content brings impressive engagement and insights. The short-video content has impactful engagement. Also, there is a rise in the short-video format, every channel has brought it, such as Youtube, Instagram, etc. So one can taste the engagement from the short-video content. But consistency is important in everything you do.


These are the few predictions by the social media marketing company in Delhi. You can expect the rise in the following trends, so keep an eye and enjoy the tasteful fruit of it.