5 Simple Upgrades to the Minimal Kitchen


Small kitchens usually have the biggest problems to tackle. With the small kitchen, you may lack prep spaces. Once you lay out the obvious things, which include the cooktop, the stove range, the refrigerator, and the sink also, there might not be any room left on the countertops for other appliances.

Ignoring the spaces we have, the kitchen is always an important part of the house. Do you think that your kitchen space is not wider enough? Are you facing problems with your kitchen storage? Well, these issues are not those that have no solution. Whether you have a minimal or a wider space, you can be creative to handle the kitchen trends by installing quartz countertops price

Smaller kitchens have lots of advantages over larger kitchens, the biggest being. It cost less to remodel, with fewer finishes and material to purchase. To add convenience to your work, we have listed some upgrades that can help you in your time

List of Simple Upgrades For a Minimal Kitchen

Whether you are renovating or starting with a blank slate, here are some effective, stylish, yet applicable ways that you can use to upgrade your kitchen spaces and make the layout more efficient. Do give them a try and enjoy the results.

  1. Cabinetry
  2. Shelves 
  3. Countertop
  4. Finishes
  5. Flooring 

 If you have a small space left for your kitchen layout, consider this as a blessing. While small homes and apartments can be super charming to design and decorate. It is all about working with the layout.


Cabinetry or cupboards all the way to the ceiling to expand the look of the ceiling height. While this does create a more airy feel for larger kitchens. It often looks short and stumpy for small kitchens with a shorter ceiling height. You rather have more usable shelving or cabinets. Push cabinetry all the way to the ceiling is a good approach for better use of space.  Choose a preference on your own and utilize your space creatively.


Shelves are the mandatory element of every kitchen. You can barely see a kitchen that has no shelves. You can design shelves for your kitchen either closed or open shelves. Open shelves are extremely functional and make it so much easier to access dishes or glassware that you use every day. Think about your kitchen and use open shelving to showcase your personality, lifestyle, and needs. Use your aesthetic means to showcase your personality.

Invest in the kitchen supplies that you do not mind showing off. Shelves may come in several shapes, sizes, and finishes. They can offer more storage for walls that can not support upper cabinets.


From cabinets to flooring, from the backsplash to wall colors, the main idea is to keep all of the materials and colors cohesive. Go for neutral or lighter colors to visually expand your kitchen finish. Light and neutral color palettes visually expand a small kitchen. Wood accents can add warmth to cool-toned space whereas the dark colors look best on one main surface. This is to make a small kitchen feel larger. 

Opt for the panel-ready appliances and match them to your cabinetry and countertops for a minimalist kitchen with a sleek vibe. You might also want a clean surface where the material shines through. 


Surfaces and durability are two of the key things that one needs to prioritize in the kitchen countertop.  If you anticipate heavy use, you may want to lean towards man-made materials like porcelain or quartz countertops. These allow a higher level of durability. There is also a great variety of color palettes on the market today for the countertops. So when you are finding something, that is durable in color or patterns. 

Marble is a stunning addition to any kitchen. There is a lot of polarity with this material. Especially, in the kitchen and depending on your style and aesthetics. 


Moving towards kitchen flooring, opt for the larger floor tiles. While this may sound counter-intuitive, small flooring tiles actually make a room feel smaller. Use pattern unexpectedly on the floor. It will be a perfect spot for a high-impact design element. Since countertops and backsplash is the first thing you can see. If you select a uniform countertop and backsplash combination, inject some patterns in the floor.

Final Thoughts

Before you do any of the above and spend more money on upgrades, make sure to get rid of all the clutter that is crowding your countertops. You can edit what you needed in your kitchen, sell the unused appliances to make the room for the stuff you really need. If your kitchen does not already come up with an island or peninsula, you can add a prep area yourself. You can even install a rolling cart into your kitchen.  Sourcing an island with storage underneath for the pots, pans or entertaining platters can also double the space up.  

A floating shelf or wall-mounted table also allows extra counter space or prep space. To highlight a beautiful quartz countertop and work surface, good lighting and combinations of lightning are incredibly important.