5 SEO Tools You Must Use in 2022 to Generate Traffic!


Marketers in today’s time know that one thing that never changes about SEO is that it keeps changing. And staying on top of your game means always using the best quality SEO tools they can find to generate traffic and produce results. You cannot depend on a single SEO site to keep you updated on all the trends and changes in the SEO sector. 

We’ve got some popular SEO tools you should use to stay on top of your game and generate qualified leads. Keep reading to know about them and all the amazing features they offer! Did we mention they’re free and you can find a paid option that gives you access to more advanced features?

Let’s get started!

HubSpot Website Grader

HubSpot is a popular platform to learn about everything marketing! So when it came out with Website Grader, the hype was real. All you have to do is enter the URL of your website and this tool with automatically return with a full-fledged report about your SEO efforts with insights and performance reviews. 

You can learn about your site’s performance and identify particular issues and fix them with the feedback you receive. Boost web security with the best practices, improve website issues, receive on-demand support and enhance overall user experience. 

Google Search Console

This platform from google brings you a number of tools to help your website rank well for the keywords and phrases your target audience is searching for. You can improve and optimize your website by conducting an initial SEO analysis of simply updating your existing SEO strategy with popular keywords. The tool is perfect for helping you learn about the keywords your webpages are ranking for, identify crawl errors, check how many pages of your website are in Google Index, and learn about mobile optimization opportunities. 

You don’t need an IT degree to optimize, monitor, or debug your website! Google Search Console will do it for you. 

Google Analytics

The free version of the platform can allow you to compile and locate all your SEO data in one place by pairing it with Google Search Console. You can improve your SEO by getting rid of referral traffic that is ruining your SEO efforts, comparing organic and non-organic website traffic, using Site Content Reports to understand web page engagement via metrics, and reviewing the value of channels and the conversions they bring your business. 

Internet Marketing Ninjas

This SEO-focused company brings you a number of tools to help optimize web pages, generate Meta tags, create keywords, and boost organic traffic towards your website. It offers multiple tools that help you identify broken links, generate a sitemap of your website, review all your page links and evaluate webpage content, compare and contrast your webpages’ SEO against the competitors’ and analyze page-load time. It’s an effective SEO tool that helps you optimize and improve your website’s performance.


Seolyzer is a free SEO tool that helps you understand how Google Algorithm works and how the search engine views your website. It collects all the relevant information from your server’s log files and allows you to identify and build relevant SEO KPIs. It redirects, improves page speed performance, and identifies error codes. 

If you want to monitor specific SEO issues like error messages, crawl volume, or poor response time, this tool will help you do it. Analyze crawl volume, active pages, mobile and desktop responsiveness, page performance, and HTTP status with Seolyzer. You can also learn about what important factors Google deems are important to your business’s vision. Learn how to measure SEO impact with this tool and boost your web traffic instantly.

To Wrap It Up 

Now that you know about the must-have SEO tools as a marketer, set your SEO goals and get started on optimizing, monitoring, and improving your website performance, content, and webpages. Start by investing in a fast internet connection like Hargray Internet and get to work. Call the Hargray phone number and get amazing discounts!