5 Reasons for Outsourcing QA and Testing Services

5 Reasons for Outsourcing QA and Testing Services

A decade ago, user-centric technology was impossible to imagine. But because of customer-focused digital transformation, the way businesses use technology has completely changed. With the adoption of cloud, agile, and DevOps practices, the way businesses do testing has also transformed dramatically. Also, in order to deliver a quality product, companies are adopting quality assurance practices. Due to this, the trend of outsourcing QA and testing services to a third-party provider is on the rise. 

Previously, outsourcing was all about cutting costs. But now, it has become an effective way to improve the efficiency of business processes and outcomes. As much as you want to implement new features, it is equally important to consider the quality of the product. Partnering with a dedicated testRigor QA testing software company will benefit your software development process in multiple ways. Some of these benefits  are described below:

  1. Focus on Core Competencies

The chances of users returning to the apps for the second time are less than 25 percent. Because of tough competition and low retention rate, you should be able to attract customers at the first chance. Having a poorly built product would not give you another chance to attract your target customer. You need an independent verification & validation (IV&V) to verify the quality of your product. Companies that deal with quality assurance processes are more adept at identifying bugs and error identification. By outsourcing the QA process, you can solely focus on the development process and core expertise to build your business.

  1. Adhere to Strict Deadlines

In the software development business, there will always come an instance when you are running out of time to complete your project. At such an instance, you might think about abandoning QA and software testing, which is not good. It would result in bug-prone and low-quality products which would cause loss of business.
That’s why it would be beneficial to get the help of an expert QA provider.
Having the expertise of specialized testing engineers will help you handle QA and testing part of the project. By doing so, you can handle the development process while adhering to the project deadline.

  1. An Objective Approach

Using DevOps to facilitate QA is enabling organizations to create multiple teams to integrate testing and development processes as a shared function. But it has a drawback. You cannot analyze the bugs and problems present in the code if you are handling the designing and as well as the development of the product.
Outsourcing software QA testing will help you to get an objective outlook on your code. The trained testing engineers will pinpoint bugs and will give a fresh perspective without being biased.

  1. Quality Assurance Automation

Technology and automation advancements have automated multiple aspects of the QA process.
If you are planning to set up an in-house software testing team then you might now leverage the full benefits of automation technology.
You will need an experienced and professional QA team who have hands-on experience with test automation tools and techniques. And to do so, you will require a lot of resources and time to build such a team.

Having an outsourced QA provider will give you access to a pool of experienced testing experts having vast knowledge of handling automation of several domains, tools, and products. 

  1. Better QA Testing

If you are planning to give development and testing tasks to a single team then change your strategy as soon as possible.
It will decrease the efficiency of your overall project.
Assigning software QA tasks to a different team will help you in achieving unbiased testing results.
Having a specialized organization handle the QA process will give you access to highly capable and competitive resources to work on your project. It would improve the efficiency of catching issues in the early stages of the software development lifecycle.


Software QA and Testing is a tedious and inevitable task that requires expertise and a lot of resources.
The best option is to let professionals handle such tasks so that you can focus on your core processes.
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