Autumn leaves turning red, beautiful falling leaves, pumpkin, Halloween, and choked drains. When the chill starts to set in. you feel like spending hours in front of yours. Furnace so all your autumn-winter repairs and renovations are done in advance. But the plumbing system often remains neglected. This will lead to not only choked drains but pipes may also explode. Thus contacting the plumber should become an integral part of your autumn project checklist.

While plumbing forms an integral part of our lives and that of the smooth flowing of the daily household chores. We often neglect this vital system until something leaks, and then we rush for the skilled labor. This lateness in action also increases the risk of something major being the reason behind the said leak.

Autumnal plumbing rituals to follow

While autumn has always been seen to be a month of witches and wizards casting spells and following rituals, you should have a set of rituals of your own. The first thing to check is having a reliable plumber on speed dial. While DIY is trending, there are certain aspects that require professional attention. Here are 5 things that you and your plumber need to check to make your home winter-proof:

Outdoor hoses – Before further repairing work begins it is important to turn off the water hoses and pipelines.  Often immense pressure buildup in the main plumbing line causes an explosion of pipes and leaks inside your home. You also need to ensure there are no leaks from the faucets installed outdoors.


Hot water heater – Before the chilling weather of winter is bound to make you enjoy hot water baths hence the whole heater system needs to be serviced. Being inactive most of the summer months, you need to make sure that the heater has not corroded nor has a pileup of sediments.   If you need to replace the existing water heater or do some repairs, a plumber will be beneficial.

Pipes insulation – When the season changes, the pipes are first to feel it. When the temperature of the flowing water fluctuates and contrasts with the temperature outside the pipe it can cause not only a loss of energy as the cold will seep into the hot water, but will also cause the pipes to freeze up and crack. Proper insulation during autumn will save you from having to spend a large amount redoing the whole pipeline system later on.

Sewer check – One of the most critical checks for autumn is the sewer. You need to be sure that your home sewers are unblocked. If there are any contaminants like rotting leaves or stagnant water, then you put your family and your health on the line. If you hear sounds like gurgling or can smell the stench of rot then you should immediately contact your plumber.

Gutter cleansing – With leaves and twigs falling you can be absolutely sure of leaves clogging your downspouts and roof gutters. You need to get the gutters cleaned and free from any blockages to prevent overflow of water and the collapse of the roof. It will also be the best time to consider placing gutter guards.

Final note

Neglecting the plumbing system is a mistake that we commonly make, even though we know the importance of a well-functioning drainage and water transportation system. While you bring out old recipes and warm yourself with wool and memories, get a bit proactive and call the plumber to complete the above-mentioned projects. This way, you and the plumber can enjoy the holidays better.