5 Items to Store in Your Storage Unit in Layton


If you are a resident of the Layton, Utah, area, you know that the weather can be brutal. From icy blizzards in the winter to sweltering summers, you never know what to expect from Mother Nature! As such, storing beloved items such as collectible cars, important documents, and appliances in your garage or shed may not be the safest option. Consider renting a high-security, weather-controlled storage unit to store your belongings, such as the ones offered by Offsite Self Storage in Layton, Utah! Below is a list of five commonly stored items at our self-storage facility.

1. Antiques

Self-store your valuable antiques in an area that’s easily accessible, and always store them in a temperature-controlled environment. Antiques are delicate and should be treated with the utmost respect and care. Rather than letting them rot or collect dust in your attic or garage, store your antiques in one of our custom storage units.

2. Sports Memorabilia

Most sports memorabilia collectors overlook the importance of taking care of their collectibles, and as a result, they risk damaging their sentimental and valuable belongings. It is important to store all such items somewhere safe from inclement weather. You can take advantage of Offsite Self Storage’s high-security, climate-controlled storage units by storing your sports memorabilia items at our Layton, Utah, location!

3. Unused Appliances

Some people prefer to store old appliances in their garage rather than renting a storage unit, but doing so risks damaging the appliances and making them unusable in the future. Without proper temperature control, old appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and microwaves may collect dust and produce mold, damaging their functionality beyond repair. Store your appliances in one of our self-storage units to protect them from Layton, Utah’s harsh weather and to prevent them from being stolen.

4. Seasonal Decorations

Do you have seasonal decorations that you only use a few weeks out of the year? Store them in a climate-controlled, high-security storage unit at our self-storage facility! Such items include wreaths, holiday lights and decorations, christmas trees, and garlands. If stored outside, in a garage, or in an attic, these items may suffer from weather damage, rendering them unusable. Climate-controlled storage units ensure your precious decorations stay safely nestled out of harm’s way!

5. Collectible Cars

If you’re a car collector or just happen to own an expensive, vintage vehicle of your favorite brand, storing it at an offsite self-storage facility may be a wise option. Just as humans need proper temperature control, vintage cars also require special care. If stored in a garage, there’s no way to ensure the safety of your car against the elements. In one of our high-security vehicle storage units, you can keep your car safe and sound, not to mention clear up a ton of space in your garage! But saving space is only part of the equation when it comes to our storage facilities. By storing your vehicle in a gate-secured storage unit, you are protecting your vehicle from the thieves and vandals in Layton, Utah. Offsite Self Storage provides high-security storage units in Layton, Utah.