5 Clothing Items Every Working Woman Should Have


Summer is here and that means it is time for us to upgrade our wardrobes. Most of us focus on our daily clothes or going out clothes, but we somehow forget our work clothes. Unless you get a uniform to wear at your job, you will need clothes to fill in your wardrobe to tide you over this summer.

Summer clothes for women are notorious for being too basic and casual for them to be worn outside while on business. However, that does not mean you cannot build up your closet with work clothes that are perfect to be worn in the office as well. 

Here are 5 clothing items that you must have in your wardrobe, regardless of the weather but especially during summer. 

Start With Seamless Undergarments

Every wardrobe needs basics and you need to get this one right. Seamless undergarments are necessary, especially if you are out in the field or in the office a lot. You will not be self-conscious of your clothing and will not be itching to adjust your clothes. They will come in handy if you like to wear pencil skirts to your workplace. 

Look for a Blazer

Nothing makes you look more powerful than self-confidence and a nicely structured blazer. Most workplaces don’t require you to wear a blazer, but if you can get away with it, get it. Look for a well-fitted blazer that is structured. You will notice that it will immediately emphasize your waist and make your outfit look more professional. 

Add a Sheath Dress 

Sheath dresses are chic, classy and minimalistic. In fact, this is a piece of clothing that is always recommended to start your business or work wardrobe. This is a classic that you should never miss out on. Get a sheath dress in solid colors and get a few in black, gray and beige. You will immediately feel powerful and beautiful at the same time. 

Get Nice Handbag

You cannot complete your office wardrobe without a nice handbag. While you may be inclined to get a few that are not so high quality, you need to hold yourself back. All you need is a single, high quality handbag that will elevate your look instantly. The handbag needs to be functional, stylish and not too big. Invest in a black or a shade of brown or dark berry wine. These colors go with every outfit and complement all of your looks. 

Nice Pair of Shoes

You may be inclined to get a nice pair of sneakers or comfortable flats, but you should refrain. You need to complete your wardrobe with a nice pair of stilettos, wedges or court shoes. Kitten heels are also an option if you cannot do with longer heels if you have to stay on your feet for the whole day. The best way to compensate is by keeping a pair of slippers or sandals in your office so that you can relieve your feet and then wear the heels again when you have to face people.