5 Cheap Travel Destinations in the UK


No matter what time of year it is, we are bound to experience a financial pinch at some point or the other. When making travel plans, it is standard advice to double your spending limit and cut back on your time.

Those who are financially constrained but still want to travel can approach a direct lender for an instalment or loans for bad credit.

A relaxing vacation is possible without breaking the bank. Several businesses are aware of the crisis. That is why they have kept their rates low without sacrificing the quality of service.

Thus, all of us can enjoy a well-deserved vacation without having to subsist on just bread and jam for the ensuing weeks. However, the fact remains that not all places in the UK are equal, especially when it comes to vacations.

Dining out in hotels and restaurants and drinking in towns and other locations can cost a fortune. In general, any place worth visiting will stretch your wallet.

Top Travel Places to Visit in the UK without Adding Burden to Your Pocket

Here’s a list of destinations you can see while you are on a budget. Enjoy our selection of the top UK inexpensive vacations.

1. Newcastle

One of the larger cities in the UK, Newcastle has a range of attractions and great nightlife. It does fall on top of being the least expensive of all travel destinations. Regardless of the cost, anyone can come and adore the place.

Going on a weekend, and hotels wouldn’t charge more than £100 a night. Additionally, there are several lodging possibilities for even the most modest vacation budgets. Discover unique attractions across the city or take a stroll on the kerb.

Bike ride along the Quayside’s historic bridges, or just browse the shops, pubs, and eateries. Newcastle is one of the most affordable cities for lodging, dining, and drinking.

2. Brighton

A beach destination, Brighton is the most attractive of all. It is the budget traveller’s paradise. Besides the scenic beaches, most of the activities here are free.

Visit beautiful beaches or some of the 98 parks and gardens. Take a stroll through the Sussex countryside. You can either spend the entire day outside or, on a rainy day, visit the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Every type of traveller can find some free entertainment. The sea is right outside your door, and your vacation is off to a fantastic start. Family rooms are available across Brighton.

These accommodate up to five people and charge around £125. Lodging facilities come with cosy rooms, chalets and breath-taking sea views. Self-catering is the best option, especially since you want to save money significantly.

Prices usually start at a manageable £29. Foodies should try Planet India for some delicious curries. Starters cost a moderate £2, while the main courses are only about £4.50.

3. Cardiff

Most don’t anticipate Cardiff to be an affordable destination. Yet, you can arrive in this bustling capital city, and thriving nightlife and stunning sites welcome you inside and outside.

While Cardiff isn’t large, it has the ability to keep you busy for an entire weekend. You can go around all the main sights on foot. Check out the boats on Cardiff Bay or spend the day seeing Cardiff Castle.

Evenings can be wonderful too. After an inexpensive lunch, take a trip to the theatre or go to a vibrant bar. Compared to other major UK cities, Cardiff is affordable food and entertainment.

4. York

Just a short drive from Leeds, York is another fantastic yet affordable destination for budgeters. It is a favourite northern English city, which offers lovely weekend getaways. I

It comes with a rich chocolate heritage. So don’t forget to visit at least a few York chocolatiers to try their offerings.

Did you know that York’s smallest street, The Shambles, is credited with inspiring Diagon Alley? Yes! It’s the very cobblestoned wizarding alley from Harry Potter. The street is lined with several smaller independent stores.

A nearby food market is a terrific spot to get lunch. Alternatively, since you’re on vacation, treat yourself to afternoon tea. There are several other free activities to do in York.

Explore the city walls, viewing the magnificent York Minster. A small entrance fee is applicable, but it is worth it! Find cat statues all over the place as you follow the Cat Trail.

Visit the National Railway Museum to see The Mallard, the world’s fastest steam locomotive. Spot other important ones, too, such as a duplicate of Stephenson’s Rocket. Entry to the museum is free for both kids and adults.

5. Northumberland

The prices appear to decrease the further north you go! Enjoy a great day trip from Edinburgh or Newcastle to Northumberland. Take your time and stay a few nights in this northernmost county in England.

The ideal starting point for your visit begins at Alnwick, the county seat of Northumberland. The castle here is a must-see, although the admission fees may be slightly expensive.

Wander the grounds for an entire day. You can try and find some Harry Potter movie locations here as well. By the way, one of the main attractions is learning to fly a broomstick!

Visit the Alnwick Garden if you can, but the price can be a little over the top. From Alnwick, drive down to the Northumberland National Park. This is a historic location. You can stroll along a portion of Hadrian’s Wall and discover Roman history.

You can walk along Hadrian’s Wall for free, and forts and museums along the wall are free to enter for English Heritage members. Explore the Kielder Forest and Reservoir for free. You can go bike riding or mountain hiking here.

It’s also a fantastic location for stargazing. Parts of Kielder Forest around the observatory are protected as a Dark Sky Preserve. Don’t ignore Holy Island. A fascinating location is fantastic for nature enthusiasts.


A break or vacation in London and its surroundings can be extremely expensive. It is best that you choose the northern parts of the country to take a budgeted trip.

And if you are wondering, I need urgent money now!” then you must reach out to a direct lender who can help you out with bad credit loans. We sincerely hope that we have motivated you to arrange a low-cost vacation in the UK this year!