5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Mildew in your Air Conditioning System

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Your air conditioning system may have been serving you a pretty good long period without any significant repair issues. But have you been thinking of giving it a check to see if everything is going well inside out?

You should ensure the inside and outside parts of the air conditioning system run well with proper maintenance. Sometimes, one of the most common issues in the air conditioning system arises when mildew and mould show up.

These are pretty irritating and difficult to remove from the air conditioner’s air ducts. However, this article can be a helpful guideline in getting rid of such situations.

Choose the Cleaning Agent Wisely: It can be crucial to choose the right cleaning agent for getting rid of the mildew in the air conditioner. Choosing the wrong cleaning agent can cause more mould growth or mildew later instead of cleaning them all. 

Before choosing the cleaning agent, consider reading the ingredients or take a professional’s help from ac Fort Worth tx

Prepare the System for Removing Mildew: When you select the right cleaning agent, you should prepare the air conditioning air ducts for clean-up. First, turn off the heating and cooling vents or the entire HVAC system for more safety. 

Take Pre-Cautions On You: You should also wear safety essentials to save yourself from unwanted danger. Wear a mask, safety goggles, thick gloves, coveralls, etc. Mildew and mould are threatening for health that you should be careful while dealing with. Besides, when you deal with cleaning agents, it could be harmful too.

Wearing protective gear helps you stay on the safeside. 

Use Detergent solution: Instead of using chemical-based cleaning agents, you can use regularly-used detergent to remove mildew from the air conditioner ducts. Take one tablespoon of household detergent with one cup of water. Make it a solution to reach the spot for cleaning. 

Don’t forget to scrub the mildewed area with a light brush. Repeat the process unless you notice the site is visible out of danger from mildew. Also, don’t forget to put the used brush in an airtight bag to dispose of later. 

It could be highly harmful to the environment and for your health to get direct contact with mildew or mould. 

Use Baking Soda: If you prefer something natural yet effective, go for a baking soda solution. Take a half tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Make the solution as requires for the air conditioner’s duct area. 

Apply the same procedure you have had with the detergent solution. Once you know that using natural and chemical-free products are more valuable and environmentally friendly, you will prefer them more.

Overall, if you are not comfortable removing the mildew on your own, consider calling a professional service to take care of it. In that case, ensure having a safe environment around the air condition system. Keep your children and other family members away from the place.