5 Best Animation Production Studios in USA

Animation Production

Do you own a business? On top of that, does your company operate on digital platforms? If yes, you would agree that your business could use a little extra push on occasion. It is because every business is adopting an aggressive approach to stay ahead. So how do they do that? Video marketing is done through animated videos. 

Now, animated videos are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, to help you exceed your customer’s expectations and attract your competitors’ customers, you need to consult top animation production studios in the USA to achieve the objectives mentioned above. We have gathered the names of 5 best animation production studios in the USA, which are the following;

Simply Explainer

You may have used various marketing collaterals in the past to deliver your message to the intended audience, but did you achieve the desired results? Even if you did, we’d like to tell you that Simply Explainer can do it for even less money and promises a double conversion rate with its explainer videos…

Simply Explainer is a Tempe, Arizona-based independent and registered animated explainer video production company in business for the last six years. Our team has three years of professional experience and client satisfaction in creating business explainer videos.

Simply Explainer has been providing the best professional services for developing business-related explainer videos with superior animation styles that address the latest market trends for several years. We can cater to and cover any online industry with extensive experience in managing superbly crafted explainer clips represented by a large audience.

A firm is a group of professionals who understand the process of establishing meaningful and worthwhile connections to carry out our procedures most coherently and perfectly possible.

Moreover, Simply Explainer is the best explainer video company in the market because of its customer-centric videos tailored to your preferences. Furthermore, Simply Explainer remains a market leader by offering explainer videos at half the price of the market’s standard rates for explainer videos.

Simply Explainer can help brands stand out as innovators among customers by allowing them to be creative. It can save the day, and you can always use infographics and motion graphics to brighten up your courses by visualizing data. Each style is distinct and can be used in various ways to convey simplified information. 

Simply Explainer provides you with excellent videos presented cost-effectively without sacrificing quality. We can help you whether you want to learn more about professional video creation or need a competitive brand statement. It’s time to brush up on your commercial animation abilities.

The variety of explainer videos that Simply Explainer produces is quite diverse. In addition, their corporate-level services provide clients with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that stays with them for a long time. 

Video Explainers

Video Explainers has more than a decade of experience, founded in 2010 in Tempe, Arizona, with an additional office in New York City. The company began with the goal of empowering people, organizations, entrepreneurs, and leaders to be unbeatable in their pursuit of business goals through timeless video, digital media, and the creation of products and relationships that translate into new possibilities.

The team of animators at Video Explainers is familiar with every nook and cranny of the explainer video industry and knows how to hit the bull’s eye with high-quality videos, thanks to 10 years of experience working with top-tier clients. But, unfortunately, video Explainers consist of industry experts inept at telling stories that help people understand your cause.

Whatever your goal is, Video Explainers can effectively explain it with a diverse range of video production services in every niche. Say the word!

What Makes Video Explainers Unique?

?100% original artwork

?Excellent at meeting deadlines

?Voice over talent pool

?Writing scripts that convert

? completely safe Ideas

?Guarantee of unlimited revisions

?Monitoring project development is effectively covered in all major global languages.

?Project managers who are committed

?Customer-centric professional explainer videos.

?Thousands of super satisfied clients globally

?Fast response rate

?Trigger-based scriptwriting

?Crystal clear voiceover

?Extra fast turnaround

?Unlimited revisions

?Subtitled versions

?Money-back guarantee

?Full ownership and copyrights

?Editable sources and ready to share files (compatible with all social media.

Pick box for Video Explainers’ Services

?Cartoon Animation in 2D

?Cutout Animation – Whiteboard Animation – Motion Graphics – Infographics

?Kinetic Typography

Video Explainers has been making animated explainer videos for over a decade and has a well-defined process for developing the style and script for your animated company video. Video Explainers communicates the true essence of your brand to the targeted audience in a fun and engaging way in a short period. 

Moreover, the skilled animators at Video Explainers excel at communicating your business expertise to the audience in memorable ways using language that your customers will understand.

Video Explainers can handle everything, whether you want to educate, persuade, inform, or encourage users to sign up. The team of Video Explainers is claimed to be determined to provide you with highly customized brand messages based on your needs and business standings to increase online client conversions or landing page conversion rates.

Scribe Bunny

Scribe Bunny is a video animation company specializing in creative audience engagement strategies. Scribe Bunny offers animations that will capture the attention of your viewers! Their team of whiteboard animators has extensive experience producing explainer and product videos. 

In addition to assisting businesses in creating rich content, Scribe Bunny has helped over 300 companies communicate their message up to date. Scribe Bunny believes that when you embark on a journey with them, you will have the best of both worlds under one roof, whether video marketing or brand positioning. 

Scribe Bunny has been the most reliable animated explainer video production company in the United States due to its 24/7 service. Scribe Bunny is dedicated to providing you with good explainer and whiteboard animations. 

Scribe Bunny creates videos that tell compelling stories, explain your business, sell your product, and educate your audience, whatever your goal is. Their animators are so skilled in their work that they can easily communicate your message clearly and simply with top-notch animated explainer videos. 

Scribe Bunny hopes to provide clients with creative, hardworking, and luxurious video content by utilizing our video production maestros. Because they complete their projects on time, Scribe Bunny’s clients can be proud of the results they receive from them. Additionally, Scribe Bunny simplifies and streamlines its process so you can deal more effectively with customers and competitors.

So, it’s time for you to get a whiteboard animated video content that gets results quickly for your business, connect with Scribebunny. Why? Because you will gain credibility with prospects by creating a video that allows you to tell your company’s story memorably while explaining complex concepts to customers simply and effectively.

All in all, you have just met a friendly partner who wants to help you succeed by building great relationships.

Yum Yum, a prime animated video creator in the USA, began in 2010, with a couple of senior animators in a flat working for companies worldwide. However, that was a long time ago. So what exactly are they now? Well, the same two people, but with amazing creatives on their team. 

Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum’s in-house team consists of various creatives, including a Head of Production, Creative Directors, an Art Director, a Head of Animators, and others. Every member of Yum Yum has the same goal: to create a bond that can only be expressed through video, not words. 

Subsequently, Yum Yum Videos began in 2011 as a small video production company. Since then, they have established themselves as a leading Video Agency by producing high-quality animated videos such as Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, Commercials, Tutorials, Social Videos, and others.

Yum Yum claims they think “outside the box,” while remaining flexible and down-to-earth. Simply put, making videos is their passion.

Yum Yum has made videos for the following industries:





?Software as a Service

Lastly, Yum Yum strives for excellence in everything they do, and it all begins with transparency and a genuine love for their work. Therefore, Yum Yum prefers to work with companies that share their values and prioritize communication.


Epipheo is a video production company that works with brands, marketers, and thought leaders. Epipheo, founded in 2009, quickly grew to become one of the world’s largest video production companies. 

The team has delivered over 5,000 animated and live-action videos of award-winning creative directors, animators, and producers to the world’s leading enterprise and consumer-facing companies, including P&G, Dupont, Epson, Google, US Bank, Microsoft, SAP, AWS, Cisco, Intel, Mercedes, Hoover Institution, DOD, Motorola, and Deloitte.

They creates custom explanatory videos for businesses and organizations that want to tell their story to the rest of the world. Epipheos are designed to communicate epiphanies through online video, educating and enlightening a brand’s target audience by utilizing emerging online media.

You Decide

Regardless of what goes on in the digital world, if you own a business, you must employ video marketing as your marketing strategy, and you know that more than anyone. So what you have to do next is to decide which of the above discussed five best animation production studios in the USA you will entrust your business with. 

It is a significant decision because your animated videos tend to escalate your sales overnight if curated with precision or cripple the business quickly if not created perfectly. So, choose wisely.