4 Ways to Use a Pressure Washer


Pressure washers use powerful electric motors or gas engines to force water through a concentrating nozzle, thus creating a powerful flow of water that can remove accumulated dirt and grime quickly and efficiently. They are best put to use on house exteriors, sidewalks, patios, garages, pools, and fences. Now that winter is finally coming to an end, the snow is beginning to melt-leaving dust, dirt, and sludge in its wake. So get your yard and home back in tip-top shape this spring by using a pressure washer! Below are seven ways you can use your pressure washer to revitalize your home in Glenwood Springs this season.

Driveway Cleaning

One common reason people buy pressure washers is to remove the dirt and grime from their outdoor concrete surfaces. Cleaning a driveway with such a tool will not only make it look better, but will also increase the likelihood of scraping off unattractive stains and smudges that may have tainted your driveway over the years. A pavement cleaning company can cost around $1,000 for a modest-sized driveway, so consider cleaning it up yourself with a rental pressure washer if you’re working on a budget.

Siding Cleaning

Most American homes feature vinyl, wood, or aluminum siding. If you want to keep these types of sidings looking brand new and extend their lifespan, be sure to use your pressure washer at least twice a year to scrape off any dirt and grime that may have accumulated on your home in Glenwood Springs throughout the seasons.

Garage Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of cleaning your home in Glenwood Springs is ensuring your garage is spotless; that means free of dirt, oil stains, and grime. The last thing you want is to pull your clean car into a filthy garage since it’s only going to create a bigger mess on your vehicle’s exterior. You can use a pressure washer to clean the oil stains from the surfaces in your garage, as well as ensure that there is no dirt or grime on any of the tools lying around.

Pool Cleaning

Although pressure washers aren’t meant for use around bodies of water, this tool can still be useful when cleaning dirt and debris from empty backyard pools. Nobody wants to get on their hands and knees with a sponge and scrub a dirty pool that hasn’t been cleaned in months. Rather than spending hours cleaning your pool by hand, spend fifteen minutes spraying it down with a pressure washer and then use a net or a set of utility tongs to scoop out any remaining debris.

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