4 Ways Plant-Based Proteins Can Help You Successfully Transition to a Vegan Lifestyle


A quick look through social media shows proves that many gym junkies think that the best way to build muscle is by consuming a diet filled with meats. Without a doubt, eating low-fat chicken breast is a quick way to meet your dietary protein needs. But is it the best way? Not so, according to science.

Many researchers determined that you shouldn’t centre your meals around animal protein. Plant protein has more benefits, including less saturated fat and easy digestibility. Plant protein also keeps your body healthy, strong, and youthful. It helps you fight off disease and keeps your immune system strong.

If you’ve been thinking about switching to a vegan lifestyle, these evidence-based benefits are reasons to load up on plant-based protein to help you finally ditch meat.

  • Pea protein is rich in iron

Pea protein is an easy way for vegans and vegetarians to get their protein requirements. A single serving of protein powder contains 35% of your per cent daily value of iron. To compare, the same serving size of animal-based whey protein has 0% iron. Therefore, you will not only get a large portion of your daily protein requirements but will also get iron in your fix.

  • Load up on healthy fats with nut protein

When it comes to meeting your daily requirements of healthy fats, a terrific option is nut butter. Nut butter is not only a super convenient way to boost healthy fats in your diet but they are also easily digested by the body since they are already processed into a highly absorbable creamy consistency.

Nut butter is available in many flavours, such as peanut, almond, cashew, and sunflower.

  • Control cravings with whole food plant protein

You may have noticed that you get cravings quickly after consuming animal protein but stay full for hours after eating plant protein. This is not surprising since plant-based proteins like legumes and beans help you achieve satiety until your next meal.

According to a study in Food and Nutrition, men who consumed a protein-rich meal of legumes consumed 12% fewer calories in their next meal than if they had eaten an animal-based protein meal. The reason, according to experts, is the fibre-rich content of plants. Compared to animal protein, whole food plant proteins enable you to feel full for longer due to the fibre found in these food items. Fibre helps reduce cravings and improve digestive health.

  • Plant-based protein and enhances your athletic performance

Many people believe that athletes consume an endless supply of animal protein to keep their physique in tiptop shape. But many athletes are adopting a plant-based diet, and as a result, they are performing better than ever. If you do your research, you will find that many NFL players are now following a plant protein diet and have seen considerable improvements in their athletic performance, energy levels, and recovery time.

Going vegetarian is a giant leap. If you want to transition to a lifestyle that helps your body and considers the health of the planet, it will require that you make dramatic changes to your diet and nutrition. With these X science-backed benefits of protein-based meals, going the route of vegetarianism may be your best decision ever.