4 Ways AI will change the digital marketing industry in 2022


The digital marketing division of the companies is constantly looking out for the best brain that can foster their digital marketing campaigns using AI. Increasing demand for skilled and qualified digital marketing professionals has resulted in the popularity of formal courses in this domain. The digital marketing courses in Toronto are often considered the best for delivering the highest quality of education and industry-oriented knowledge. If you are looking to build a career in digital marketing, trust me, now is the best time as digital marketing is witnessing a massive change with the introduction of AI(Artificial Intelligence). Let’s go through the four ways AI will change digital marketing in 2022. 

Here are four ways AI will change digital Marketing in 2022:

1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is also popularly known as predictive modeling, providing actionable information that would otherwise not have been so obvious. This helps digital marketers learn about an individual’s future behavior based on testing runs and historical data. Predictive analytics can efficiently predict the future of sales trends and patterns of customers engagement. In digital marketing, it is applied at various touchpoints starting from initial brand awareness to post-purchase activity. 

2. AI-driven Content Marketing

With the development of artificial intelligence, marketers are gaining access to more and more tools that help them gain deeper insights into customer behavior that overs them a competitive advantage in the modern digital age. The key to marketing and growth is basically about reaching the right people at the right time with the right message or notification. Typically this is done by conducting market research to determine customers’ behavior and look at their social or cultural touchpoints.

Research can help the marketer segment information based on age group, education level, income, etc. AI is beginning to play a significant role in content distribution and predicting topics likely to attract traffic around content to pinpoint accuracy.

3. Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing identifies customers and promotes services and products likely to reach potential customers. It significantly raises awareness for a product or service among a specific group. There are multiple benefits of targeted marketing, including cost-effectiveness, the ability to stand out from the competitors, and most importantly, building more profound connections with the customers who can be transformed into potential buyers. 

4. Personalization and Marketing Automation

Many marketers wish to automate their content production and have it perfectly personalized simultaneously. Trust me, personalization and marketing automation can certainly help you do it using AI. Marketers can efficiently use AI solutions to automate pay-per-click(PPC), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), keyword research, display advertising, conversion rate, social media marketing, etc. 

Artificial Intelligence will impact the digital marketing industry in 2022 more than ever. With AI, marketers are empowered to spot changing trends and predict them for the future. The power of AI allows exciting opportunities to take hold of the digital marketing space. For any company or business, digital marketing generates data that can be analyzed into insightful information. But it doesn’t stop there. AI offers other tactics and techniques to boost productivity in the AI wing. The coming together AI and digital marketing are expected to give exceptional results. 

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