4 top RCM roadblocks for your DME medical billing operation 

DME Billing
DME Billing

Managing DME medical billing operations involves professional billers and coders as every step can negatively impact your ROI. With challenges like -constantly shifting regulations, the addition of new codes every day and altering payer’s requirements, managing medical billing requires expertise and experienced resources so that you do not fall into common pitfalls that can reduce the collection efficiency. 


In fact, here are a few common DME billing roadblocks that you should not overlook: 


  • Unaware of the billing regulation or process knowledge – running a healthcare practice in today’s comparative era with constantly shifting regulations can be quite daunting.  And billers and coders failing to update themselves on billing regulations and collection processes and not being aware of the necessary tools to succeed will only end up making errors.  


  • Inconstant in following up – last year itself the deductibles burden rose up to 92 %.  We often see that in-house billers due to juggling in-between administrative tasks and patient care not only fail to spot vital information but also miss out on constant follow ups cutting down on the reimbursement as much as possible. 


  • Problems in denial management – claims rejection and denial are inevitable. On average, a practice suffers between 5 % to 10 % in denial rate according to the industry standard. However, continuously receiving the same claim rejections indicates poor work procedures. This is why you need a professional to not only identify your problems but also a dedicated expert to immediately work on them. 


To combat this problem, having a team of professional billing and coding experts to resolve your problems come of great help. Sunknowledge Services Inc in fact is one such ideal RCM destination with a team of expert billers and coders that not only help you with streamlined DME medical billing operations but also secure high reimbursements. Saving 80 % of the operational costs and reduces your chances of error by 99.9 %, Sunknowledge today is the leading RCM with 100s clientele.  

Boosting your cash flow, today Sunknowledge in fact is a one stop destination ensuring the highest productivity metrics that can meet and beat any price in the given market, guaranteed!