4 Things To Include In Your Workplace Traffic Management Plan

4 Things To Include In Your Workplace Traffic Management Plan

When setting up your workplace, you need to keep many important things in mind including a compliant workplace safety traffic management plan. Many people misjudge the significance of traffic management that not only leads to an unorganised and inefficient site, but also increases the chances of accidents that can sometimes prove fatal.

Some workplaces understand the need for a traffic management plan, but fail in executing the plan.

To help you with this process, here are a few things you must consider to ensure that your workplace traffic is under control:

Convenient Vehicle Routes

Understanding and identifying how vehicles (moving and stationary) operate within your site is critical. You must plan out a set of rules and routes for moving traffic. Often times implementing a one-way direction is very helpful in removing a large list of hazards and unknowns. Assigning different entry and exit points will also improve the flow and safety of persons on site to ensure you have an uninterrupted flow of vehicles at both ends. Always consider the width of routes so that vehicles can easily pass without the risk of side collisions.

Installation Of Signs Where Needed

Signage is a great communication device to drive behaviours around a worksite. Signs also act as a reminder. Workplace signs such as No Parking, Blind Corner, Pedestrian Crossing can mean the difference between life and death. Signage is essential for both your traffic and safety management plan. These signs must be installed at appropriate heights that are easy to distinguish, easy to read and highly visible.

Separate Pedestrian Zones

Don’t be ignorant of the need for demarcating pedestrian zones. It is necessary to provide pedestrians with safe crossing areas and walk paths. You can also use barriers and bollards to separate walkways from the transited paths of vehicles. Not including a pedestrian zone in the traffic management plan is a common mistake. Sometimes, if needed and appropriate, you can also consider overhead walkways.

Use Of Line Markings

Lastly, the use of line-markings. Clear division of spaces and identification of traffic flow with line marking is required to ensure the safe traffic of pedestrians and vehicles. Using an experienced safety traffic management and line marking service provider in Sydney will ensure you create a safer working environment for all.

Space Arrangements

Further, with the help of a quality service provider of parking line marking in Sydney, you can organize parking spaces in a much impressive way than before. It lets you use the spaces that weren’t involved before to prepare another parking slot. Besides, the use of stripes and markings in a big parking lot reduces the confusion among the entering drivers regarding which direction to proceed.

To Conclude:

A well thought out and executed traffic management plan is critical to keeping everybody visiting your worksite safe as well as protect your business from debilitating fines and lawsuits due to injuries or in more extreme cases, death. If you are ready to take your workplace traffic management plan to the next level or implement one for the first time, speak with the Kenex Stencils team today. From safety traffic management to line marking and safety hardware, Kenex is the leading line marking business in Sydney and Brisbane and always ready to help.