4 Strategies to Convert an Established Audience into Paying Customers


If you are reading this article, probably, you own a wonderful shop with amazing items, or maybe you are a teacher who is sharing their knowledge by recording online classes. But if you just started your “business” or you are still looking for ideas, do not worry, as there are thousands of ideas you can make real. 

Perhaps you already have a platform that you use to make people know about your website. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, even YoutTube, etc.  Here, you may share your content and even get 

Wow! It’s great, as social media platforms can do a lot for your courses. So you can consider that this is one of the ways to find paying customers. But how? Good question!

#1 Ask your audience

At the very beginning, just find your target audience, and in this way, you could easily find the social media platform they use most. Honestly, you can create pages in different places, but it is not recommended. 

Until sharing your video classes on your website, ask your followers.An example of the poll you can read below.

Hey guys, I want to post more recipe videos to share my secrets about becoming a vegan, eat healthy, and at the same time tasty. Are you interested in this kind of content?

#1 Of course, it will be great as I’m on my way to becoming a vegan.

#2 No thanks, we can mix those greens and vegetables and make a salad too. 

So as you can see, the result of the poll can decide a lot. Because if the majority answers “YES” you will be more confident to share and create more courses for your “students” then. Using this example, I will show again how to gain trust among your audience.

Create Facebook and Instagram posts and YouTube videos to tell your audience what you will share on your website the road. You will think that this is not enough to gain trust to buy your courses, in that case, you can share a lot about yourself, your experience. For example, if you are an artist and thanks to your courses you teach drawing, some facts, secrets that people must know before starting their career, just show them the pics you had drawn before and reassure them that if they work hard, they will achieve the same result.

Same about programming or other professions. Speak about yourself, tell them about your success, what programming languages you know, and mention the famous companies you work with. 

Remember that this works not only before uploading your video material but also when you already have them but at the same time want to involve more “customers”.

Let’s continue.

#2 Be real and do not try to be like traditional teachers

This is one of the best ways to make your audience (in this case, future students) trust you. What makes users’ social media accounts famous and active? Of course, live videos, which will help not only you but also everyone to get in touch with you, ask concerning questions, know more about yourself and your personality, etc. Act, as usual, make jokes, even drink a cup of coffee or tea during live videos. Convince them that their life and future career will change if they take and implement your courses, but your statements should be persuasive and based on facts, not just in pathetic words.

#3 Share some reviews about your service.

Posting the feedback you get on social media is a perfect way to catch the interest of your audience. Reviews shared on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts or even the feedback you got on your email offer social evidence that can inspire customers’ trust. 

Imagine reading sometimes nice reviews about the teacher and classes that you want to attend. Of course, you will make them trust your “service”. Here are the statistics about reviews.

92 percent of social media users use ratings to direct their buying decisions.

53 percent find ratings to be the most critical aspect of the online shopping experience.

40 percent of users due to the opportunities social networks provide research new brands or products.

#4 What about “artificial” ads?

Maybe this is simpler than you think, but you can have an outstanding result by using this tool correctly. But how? Organize contests, sometimes allow people to use your services for free. But what will be beneficial for you? Let’s see. 

In this way, you can spread the information you want people to know about your product, service, or classes without spending money. Firstly make very high-quality content that people would like to share on their social media accounts. It could be video content about yourself, your service, or even pictures with good design full of information. In short, firstly, it should be pleasing to the eye when paying attention to the content. A couple of years ago, emojis using content were not allowed as it was considered not formal. But now, it is one of the most important things that attract people’s attention, make the text beautiful, and make you want to read. Be sure that you include all materials and terms of the competition so that no additional question arises. Actually, one of them is to share the post, and the main idea of this term is to include more people and increase competition between them, due to which a lot of people will know about you.

I hope this article will help you to have the more required business. Just choose the option you liked the most. Remember that it always takes time to get results.