4 Smart & Economical Ways Of Marketing Your Cleaning Services


Let’s suppose you own a cleaning business and have all the equipment, logistics, and preparations ready to launch. What’s the next step? Marketing, of course. Growing a competitive business such as cleaning services can be challenging, but with the right marketing strategies, you can make sure that you break through your current barriers of growth. 

Read on ahead to learn about 4 smart ways to promote your cleaning services without breaking the bank.

  1. Build an online presence on the social media

Social media, with its unparalleled popularity, is one of the most effective channels for marketing. Statistics show that there are over 80 million small businesses that use Facebook Pages to market themselves. This shows that if you want to survive in today’s digital age, you must build an online presence. Fortunately, this is not hard to do and it costs almost nothing – all it needs is some dedicated time and effort.

Here is a breakdown of how you can get started with building an online presence on the social media:

  • Pick the social media platform(s) that you want to start with. The best method for doing this is to look at what platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is your target audience using and then create a business account on that platform. An effective strategy for finding the right social network is to start publishing content on all major social platforms and use a social monitoring tool such as Hootsuite to analyze customer engagement. 
  • Complete your company profile with all relevant information including a list of services you provide, contact information, pricing plans, and a link to your website (if you have one) to make sure potential customers can reach out.
  • Ask for reviews from past customers to build up trust and help you stand out from the rest of your competition. You can pick the best reviews that you receive and share them as posts on your social channels or create a testimonials section on your website.

Post regularly and religiously. Not just promotional content, but any content that keeps the audience engaged and is relevant to your industry. A few good ideas for the different kinds of content that you can post are: live demos of one of your services; how-to guides (such as how to make your carpet look like new); and cleaning tips and tricks. Here is a good example of an engaging post from Go Clean Co that you can take inspiration from.

  1. Always keep a business card with you

A business card is still one of the best ways for sharing contact information and promoting your services because it:

  • Helps you in establishing and marketing your brand identity, particularly when you have a well-designed business card with all the thematic elements (colors, logo, and font).
  • Makes you look prepared and professional.
  • Enables you to share contact information with customers that are not tech-savvy or do not use social media.
  • Allows you to open up to more networking opportunities since you can just hand out a business card with all your information, instead of having people look up your social handles.

But, how do you design a professional-looking business card? Getting it designed by a graphic designer can be quite expensive which is not feasible for businesses that have a limited budget. Luckily, there are a lot of powerful graphic design tools out there that help you create a business card in just a few simple steps.

How it works is that you pick a pre-designed business card template and then start customizing it as per your requirements. You have access to lots of features to change the design, update your information, or add in anything else that you want to your business card.

  1. Set up email marketing for promotions

Let’s assume you have a carpet cleaning service and want to get word out to all potential clients without spending a ton of money. One of the best strategies for achieving this is to launch an email marketing campaign.

So, how do you get started with email marketing? Here is a quick guide:

  • The first step is to gather a list of emails for potential leads that would be interested in using cleaning services. For this, you can do a number of different things such as conducting online surveys or adding an email form on your website. You can read this excellent guide to learn more on how to build an email list from scratch.
  • Be sure to use simple, non-spammy email headlines that ensure that people actually open and read your emails. Something like: “$25 off your next carpet cleaning service” works great when you are offering discounts. You can read a good guide on how to write effective email subject lines here.

Create an email newsletter for sending out updates to customers. The goal should be to create simple, engaging emails that give out only the essential information. Remember, your potential leads probably have hundreds of emails to skim through every day – you need to make sure you get your message through in as few words as possible. To illustrate, here is a great example from Clean Team:

  • Make use of tools such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign to manage your email marketing and build email newsletters and templates.
  1. Use vehicle stickers and decals for local marketing

Looking to market your cleaning service in the local neighborhood? One of the most high-impact methods for this is to use vehicle stickers and decals. An eye-catching vehicle sticker can help you build a strong brand presence in your local area.

The first step that you need to take is to get the decals designed and printed. The design does not have to be anything too detailed (since it will be pasted on your car or van) but should contain all of this information:

  • Company information including name, logo, and slogan/value proposition (anything that helps customers remember you).
  • Contact information, preferably including your phone number.
  • A vibrant color theme and large font size that is easily readable and recognizable from a distance.

You can design it yourself using a tool such as Signs or get it designed from one of your local print and design shops. Take this example from Army of Maids for an idea on how a good vehicle decal looks like:

Once designed and printed, install the stickers on your car or van. Next, just make sure that everyone sees it! Start driving around the neighborhood (particularly residential areas), park your vehicle in public spaces like a grocery store, and take your car to every job you do in the local neighborhood so that you can increase public exposure for your brand.

Getting more customers is not as difficult as it seems

The idea of marketing your cleaning business can be daunting at first glance because of all the work and costs involved but in reality, it is not as difficult or expensive as it looks. The first thing you need is to build a marketing plan that works well within your budget. 

You can use one or more of the low-cost strategies that we have outlined in this blog post to start marketing your cleaning business. Once you build a good brand presence and reputation, you will see that getting a steady flow of customers becomes much easier and manageable.