4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Organic Personal Lube


Many couples turn to personal lube as it truly enhances one’s sex life. Not only does it help you enjoy longer sex, but it also makes sure that you or your partner do not end up hurting yourselves during the act.

Lubricant makes the sexual organs more slippery, and this helps a lot. While many people know about the benefits of using personal lube, few know that using organic personal lube is the best option for them.

There are many benefits that organic personal lube offers, and to know them, you’ve got to keep reading this article!

What are the benefits of organic personal lube?

Organic lube offers a broad range of great benefits. Some of these include:

1. Lack of glycerin

When scanning the ingredients of personal lube, you might end up spotting the word glycerin. This may not raise any alarm bells in your mind as you have probably read that glycerin is very good for the skin and is commonly found in many cosmetic items that are designed to improve moisture and skin elasticity.

However, while this ingredient may be good for your skin, it is certainly not good for your vagina. It can dry out the natural lubrication system of your vagina, leading to problems with getting wet later.

Additionally, glycerin is a by-product of sugar and it can cause yeast infections to keep occurring the more you use the glycerin-based lube. Hence, using a glycerin-free lube is recommended.

2. Lack of parabens

The term paraben refers to a range of chemicals and compounds that are used as preservatives. These are typically used in the cosmetic industry, along with the food industry.

Parabens can be quite harmful, especially when your vagina is exposed to them. The vagina is an extremely sensitive part of the body and even the mildest chemicals can trigger reactions.

Additionally, parabens can also impact your hormonal system, creating havoc in your body. Thus, it’s better to use organic personal lube that does not contain harmful chemicals.

3. Lack of petroleum jelly

Did you know that petroleum jelly is an oil-based compound? This means that it can break condoms when it comes in contact with them.

You can’t keep checking whether each condom your partner wears is compatible with your lubricant brand. So, it’s better to just eliminate this risk and choose organic lubricant instead.

4. Artificial flavoring

Artificial flavoring and scents are common ingredients in personal lube. However, while they may make everything taste and smell great, they might also cause an allergic reaction as such ingredients are not typically appropriate for internal usage.

You can certainly experiment with lube to see whether certain brands or scents suit you, but it’s just better to minimize the risk of a painful reaction by using organic lube instead.

What ingredients do organic personal lube have?

Most commonly, organic lubricants are water-based lubricants. This spells great news for most people as they offer a range of advantages.

The first is that water-based lubricants tend to keep the vagina and vulva wet and slippery for a longer time, letting you enjoy sex or masturbation for as long as you like. The second is that water-based lubricants are safe to use with condoms as they won’t break them down.

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