4 Printing Business Ideas Women Can Start From Home

Printing Business

Most women often become housewives after marriage and children. They do not find time for themselves to put their talent into something that can give them financial gains. Most of the time, women do not understand or get an idea about how they can put their creativity into action. 

If you are one such woman who has a creative eye but does not know how to execute the ideas into a business venture, you can always consult an executive coaching that can help you find a business venture in your comfort zone. 

However, if you love art this article can help you find an easy business solution for your type. 

Starting A Printing Business

Printing is something you can do from home very easily. If you know how to paint, you can easily paint on a canvas, take a picture and do some editing, after that you can print the artwork on good quality paper. For this,  you require good quality paints, canvases, brushes, a camera, and a printing workflow software. The software can help you make minor adjustments and print high-quality artwork. 

If you are not into brushes and paints, you can easily learn design software, like Adobe Illustrator, and earn a handsome amount through digital artwork. The tutorials for digital designing software are easily available free of cost over the internet. 

Here are some business ideas you can work with using different software. 

Customized Wedding Cards

Capitalization has made even the smallest things into profitable businesses. If you have a good hand on illustrator software, you can draw caricatures of brides and grooms-to-be with a customized backdrop. People love to pay for such customized prints. 

You can also make floral or geometric pattern wedding cards that give a more creative and aesthetic look than the mainstream wedding card shops. 

Notebook Stickers

Stickers are loved by young girls. Ever since online shopping became popular, women at home have got a better opportunity to earn without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

You can design floral and graphic stickers for notebooks, water bottles, laptops, and mobile covers. You can also design quotes in different fonts and designs. 

Artwork Prints

If you have always been a watercolors girl, or you love acrylic paints, you have got yourself an amazing business opportunity. Paint beautiful scenery on a canvas.  You can put the original artwork at a greater price, while the prints of the artwork will sell at a great price as well. 

Printing makes it easier for you to earn a lot from a single piece of canvas. 


Women today love to organize their homes. You can take advantage of this by printing labels for different items around the house. 

For example, print labels of all the spices and condiments used in a kitchen. If you make good quality labels, people will love to buy them and organize their kitchen cabinets in a customized manner.