4 Ingenious Ways to Make Money With Digital currencies


Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the surest, legitimate ways to make money. You can make money with digital currencies by investing either long term or short term. With long-term investing, you buy your cryptocurrency of choice and holding for as long as you want, usually longer than a year. Long-term investors are traditionally passive investors since they purchase the assets and forget about them. They are not fully involved in the daily ongoings of the crypto market.

A short-term investment is held for less than a year. These investors are mostly crypto traders or miners. Unlike long-term investors who buy for an extended period and sell years after, traders buy and sell consistently. Depending on the market trends, they can execute several buy and sell orders in a day. Traders can trade anytime they want since the market is open 24/7 and choose how often they wish to trade. The main reason they invest short-term is to make quick, consistent returns.

Short-term investors, especially crypto traders, employ trading robots for efficient, profitable, and successful trading journeys. These trading platforms eliminate the risks and human errors involved in trading, and it is very much less time-consuming than manual trading. Several trading robots are available online that cater to users’ trading needs. One of these very efficient trading robots is BitIQ, and it is one of the best out there. To learn more about this platform, you can read on What is BitIQ trading app?

Ingenious Ways To Make Money With Digital Currencies


Crypto trading focuses on short-term opportunities. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and trading maximizes the market’s volatility. The prices of assets can decrease or increase at unexpected times, and traders profit by accurately predicting the rise or decline in prices and choosing to buy and sell crypto based on the price. Traders make returns. By studying and analyzing the market trends and chart of the asset you’re trading, you will be able to estimate when the price will fall or rise accurately.

Buying and holding crypto

Investing is one of the most popular ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. It works the same way you would invest in a business, with one slight exception. By employing this buy-and-hold method, you don’t need to do anything. Just watch the particular crypto asset grow on its own and then make a profit when the coin is at an extremely high price. Looking back in time, whoever executed this technique well made a lot of money, especially if they saved up Bitcoin from when it was only a few pennies to when it is worth thousands today.

If you’re considering long-term investments in the crypto market for profits, buying and holding for an extended period is the best option.


This is one of the best yet riskiest methods of accumulating free cryptocurrencies. For most investors, the benefits are not worth the risks involved. It is a method employed by developers to support newly created crypto coins. In a word, they make coins available for free to the public to promote adoption. You can confirm an airdrop project on the Internet.

With the increase in cybercrimes, especially those associated with crypto, you can never be cautious enough about these new crypto projects. Hackers commonly use fake airdrops and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Not all coin airdrops are profitable investments. And experts have advised that people stick with Bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies.


This is one of the most popular and oldest ways to make passive income with cryptocurrency, and it is an essential factor in the Proof of Work (PoW) alliance mechanism. Crypto miners primarily verify transactions and secure a PoW network. Miners are rewarded with new coins as block rewards for doing these tasks. Mining Bitcoin used to be possible on a desktop computer, but now it requires specialized mining hardware.

Starting a master node is crucial to network management. A master node is a wallet with an exact copy of the network. These two solutions require financial investment from start to finish, and miners must have technical expertise.