3 Types of Businesses SEO Is Ideal For


SEO is a fantastic marketing channel for every kind of business, from insurance companies to those that offer IVA advice or fashion brands, but we’re here to discuss the benefits for three specific types of businesses. SEO is renowned for offering the best return on investment, as it is a long term solution that provides stability like other channels simply can’t. So, let’s find out how SEO can benefit dentists, real estate companies and restaurants and bars!  


First up, SEO is perfectly suited to dentists. Dental SEO is a fantastic option for dental practices, as it is one of the best ways to increase your revenue. With dentistry, often people are looking for very specific treatments or looking in specific locations, so you are able to invest in increasing your rankings to make sure that you appear when people are searching for any dentistry related terms in your area. 

SEO also helps to make your dental practice more credible, as people trust websites that rank highly. Also, a strong dental SEO agency will focus on the local element, which will include optimising your Google My Business profile. So, when people are searching for local terms like “Invisalign London”, your website will appear in the MAP pack (the map with businesses dotted on that appears when you search for local terms), again helping to increase your trust and reinforce that you are in the prime location they’re looking for. 

Dentistry is now so competitive and other marketing channels may not provide the stability that you need, whereas when you invest in SEO, you will reap the benefits for years to come. 

Real Estate Companies

Another fantastic industry that should be making the most of SEO is real estate. Again, for real estate companies, SEO outperforms in terms of click through rates and enquiries, making it much more profitable. Again, Google My Business will be key here for real estate businesses, as there is an element of trust that comes with working with real estate agents and people want to know that they are in close proximity to their agents so they can pop by and get an update in person. That appearance in the MAP pack is vital for real estate, helping to show you are nearby, local and then the star rating will reinforce your trustworthiness.

You can also easily target the type of real estate you focus on, targeting keywords including words like “affordable” and “luxury”, along with the type of property like “house”, “flat”, “condo” or “bungalow”, and then the location. You can target really specific audiences and bring highly qualified and interested users to your website. 

Restaurants and Bars

Last but not least, we have restaurants and bars. Think to yourself, how many times have you Googled something like “best bars in Manchester”, “best Italian restaurant in LA” or “best cocktails in London”. Having online visibility is absolutely key, as it’s not very often people will visit a new place and just decide to have a look around and then choose a restaurant when they’re there. Particularly in the last few years, planning trips ahead and making bookings in advance based on online recommendations is bigger than ever. So, invest in SEO to get your restaurant appearing for relevant and local keywords, and then make sure you have some fantastic reviews to back it up. A great way to encourage your customers to leave reviews is to offer 10% off for when they come next time. This is a small investment to make that could really transform your business in the future.