3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Summer is here, bringing heat, constant sunshine, and humid conditions. Days by the pool followed by cool nights in air conditioned homes sounds like a dream come true – but what if your air conditioner can’t keep up?

When your air conditioner’s operation starts to fail, it may become an issue in any house – or office. In general, a good air conditioner should last for years, however there are specific indicators that your air conditioning system needs to be upgraded and you should start breathing clean, cold air again!

Here are three signs that it may be time to replace your aircon.

Your Aircon is Over 10 Years Old

The majority of premium air conditioner manufacturers construct units that are designed to last at least ten years. However, after a decade, the vast majority of air conditioning systems will no longer perform as well as they did when they were initially installed. You may discover that your air conditioner requires frequent maintenance or repairs after 10 years, or that it doesn’t cool the same space as effectively as it once did.

If your air conditioning system is over ten years old, you may want to replace it with a new unit. Although you may balk at the upfront costs, consider the longevity of an air con, the improved efficiency from newer technology models, and the reduced electricity consumption you are bound to see.

Your Aircon Requires Repairs Often

Do you know your local air conditioning contractor by their first name? It’s probably time to install a new air conditioner if you’re on a first name basis with him or her. One of the clearest indicators that an air conditioner is getting older is frequent breakdowns or functionality difficulties. Although it’s typical for an air conditioner to require more maintenance as it ages, frequent repairs and replacement parts can quickly rack up the dollar amount, costing you lots of money to keep an old system running.

Even if you have properly maintained and serviced your air conditioner, it will gradually wear over time, requiring more and more attention as components start to fail. You may be able to extend its life by attending to these issues, but replacing the entire unit with a newer, more modern system is far more likely the cheaper option.

You Notice an Increase in Your Electric Bill

Your monthly energy expense will most likely vary throughout the year, depending on your home activities and appliance usage. A sudden increase, on the other hand, could be an indication of a failing aircon system. Even the best air conditioners lose effectiveness with time. They can no longer cool your home as effectively as they used to, and they need more energy to operate.

A huge benefit of upgrading your air conditioning system is the energy efficiency offered by new models. By replacing your old unit before summer, you can prevent high energy bills and keep your electricity consumption down, all while enjoying a cooled home!  

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