3 of the Best Skid Steer Mulcher Options All Forestry Equipment Dealers Need

3 of the Best Skid Steer Mulcher Options All Forestry Equipment Dealers Need

Did you know the forestry equipment market is predicted to grow to a whopping $13,109.9 million by 2026? With forest management becoming a top priority, the demand for forestry equipment is expected to skyrocket. So where does that leave you as a forestry equipment dealer?

Expect plenty of business to come! But you’ll only get to reap the rewards and become successful with the best forestry equipment in your inventory. And one of those top pieces of equipment you’ll need on your side? A disc and drum skid steer mulcher.

Keep reading for our top 3 picks of skid steer mulchers on the market!

1. Fecon FDX Disc Mulcher

Now that you have a mulching head in stock for large projects, you’ll need one that focuses on speed and efficiency. The Fecon FDX Disc Mulcher offers versatile operation and robust capability. The disc shape and hinged door allow for bi-directional feeding and snipping. Plus, this mulcher comes in two different sizes!

With top-bottom feeding and left-to-right snipping, your disc mulcher helps increase productivity. With the Fecon FDX Disc Mulcher, you’ll clear more in less time.

Fecon is one of the leading manufacturers in logs and slash equipment, you can take our word for it. Or check it out to see the mulching magic for yourself!

2. Diamond Mowers’ Drum Mulcher

Here, we’re focusing on mulchers for forestry management. A skid steer mulcher should also have the capability to clear land, help with development projects, and maintain roads. For a powerful mulching drum that can do it all, consider the skid steer drum mulcher from Diamond Mowers.

Diamond Mowers’ provides a durable skid steer mulcher attachment that mulches up to 9″ (229mm) diameter of brush and trees. So this is perfect for customers in need of equipment for large mulch and brush management projects! 

This large, drum-like shape of this piece of equipment not only clears brush quickly and effectively. It also attaches and detaches easily to any skid-steer or track loader.

3. The Annihilator Forestry Mulcher by RUT MFG

Ready to annihilate the forestry equipment competition? The Annihilator is a disc mulcher that offers quick, efficient growth removal capabilities. But what makes this skid steer forestry mulcher special is its versatility.

Compatible with skid steers, CTL, and MTL machines, this disc mulcher attachment can do it all. From trails to roads, its abilities go even beyond the forest, making for a durable, valuable investment.  

The Annihilator offers heavyweight powered by a Bent Axis Piston, giving it the greatest power and torque. For a mulcher capable of cutting trees up to 14″ in diameter, you’ll want the Annihilator Forestry Disc Mulcher in your arsenal.

The Best Skid Steel Mulchers for Your Customers’ Needs

Your customers will have a preference between drum mulchers and disc mulchers depending on their project. With this list, you’ll be set with both types in stock! Make sure your mulchers in stock fit the skid steer loaders in stock as well. The more versatile your inventory, the better. 

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