3 Most Vital Steps to taking Care For Your Septic System

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Is the septic system often ignoap Service Rosevillered when it comes to your home maintenance checklist? If yes, you need to start maintaining your septic system. The septic system is always on the job to treat and dispose of the wastewater coming from your home. According to the field experts, your septic system should be inspected at least every 3 years and pumped at least every 3 to 5 years from septic pumping Auburn professional. A mistreated septic system can cause many unpleasant problems such as overflowing septic tanks, sink backups, toilet backups, sewage odor spread around your property, and more. All these problems call for professional help and lead to costly repairs services. 

If you are new to taking care of a septic system, this blog will let you know how can you maintain it, prolong its lifespan and prevent serious septic problems. 

Here are the steps you can follow to give it the care it needs:

Septic tank pumping 

Pumping the septic tank is a crucial part of the septic system’s maintenance. While we have already mentioned above that how often you need to pump the septic tanks, there are some cases where you can’t figure out how often you need to get it pumped. Consulting septic system professionals can help you know when it is required. 

Regular septic pumping makes will keep the solid waste from going to the drain pipe and prevent clogging. Because sludge needs to be pumped at right time otherwise it will hold more space in the tank which will result in sludge finding its way into the pipes and reach to drain field. As a result, a septic clog will happen. 

Keep your drain from receiving things that could cause a clog

There are some things, which if go down the drain can clog your septic tank. Grease, oil, fats, contribute to the septic tank drain field’s blockage. In fact, dairy products also make it difficult for a septic tank to break them down. This could all lead to clogs in the septic system. Thus, to keep it working efficiently and properly, don’t throw these things down your kitchen or bathroom drain. 

If you’re a restaurant owner or run a food business, you must have to have a grease trap to prevent the grease, oils, and fats from making their way to a septic tank. Grease trap also requires maintenance and cleaning services by an experienced and trained grease trap service Roseville professional. Regular cleaning of the grease trap is vital to keep your grease trap system run properly. 

Never treat your toilet as a trash can 

Things such as wipes, tissues, paper towels, dental floss are not meant to go down the toilet drain because these things don’t break down and cause clogs in pipes and septic systems. These things are detrimental to your plumbing. So, the plumbing pipes at your home and your septic system will get affected by these things. The only thing that is allowed to go down the toilet drain is toilet paper as this is easily broken down inside the septic tank. 

To bottom it up!

The above steps will help you maintain your septic system. Besides this, whenever you have clogs and severe clogs in your pipe, don’t delay unclogging the pipes in your home by calling Hydro-jetting Auburn experts. The early you address the problem, the lesser damage from the consequences you will experience.