3 Most Famous Summer Beach Carnivals in the World


A beach is a place, which is stationed near a sandy or pebbly shore. People used to come to beaches to spend their leisure time with their families, friends and sometimes alone. Beaches are in full contact with nature, where you can experience the sight of paradise on Earth. Beaches are very popular among tourists in terms of celebrating festivals, taking a sunbath, reading, listening to music and partying full time. Beaches are like a part of paradise and people have freedom on how they’re going to make themselves feel comfortable. 

Many festivals are associated with beaches. We will discuss three of them, which are the most famous and popular.

Primavera Sound Music Festival:

In terms of visiting, around 220,000 people booked their seats at the Primavera Sound Music Festival, Barcelona. Many renowned music bands show their performances on the stage. Be aware that if your favourite band is playing at this festival then buy a ticket before reaching there. Because if not then a long queue is waiting for you and you don’t want to be in a queue while your favourite band is playing inside the festival. Men used to prefer Hawaiian shirts with flowery pallets on them. These shirts are loose, flowy and airy which makes them breathable and best to wear at a beach party.

It is located in the purpose-built outdoor arena. The intention to build this arena was the Universal Cultural Forum for international communities. One more thing to jot down is that a camping facility is not available there. So, you have to find it somewhere in Barcelona.

Fresh Island Festival:

As the name was given to this festival ‘fresh’. This is truly a refreshing and rejoicing place for those, who are fatigued and exhausted from working in a fast-moving world. They just want a fresh breath and want to surrender all their worries, sufferings and pain to Zrce Beach. Which is stationed near the city of Novalja, Croatia.

Those who are fascinated with hip-hop culture. Then this is the real haven for them. Around 1,21000 people visit this festival every year. And if you forget to pack the most wanted clothes with you then don’t worry. Hawaiian shirts are considered to be the uniform of this festival. Just search them online and order from the best offers of wholesale hawaiian shirts with flowery pastels on them. Special offers are also available on peak seasons like in this festival and you can order them online from any wholesale hawaiian shirts online store. 

Lake of Stars Festival: 

On number three, we have the Lake of Star Festival. This festival is held on the shores of Malwai for three consecutive days. The lake of Malwai is the third largest lake in Africa. This festival was founded by the British tourist Will Jameson. Imagine a beach, a party, a freshwater lake and a sunset, what else do you want from God? Around 6000 people enjoy the festival every year with a wish to come again. Again I would like to engrave something to your subliminal and unconscious mind that don’t forget about airy and open Hawaiian shirts. And if you don’t have one and you are with a bulky group then avail the offer of wholesale hawaiian shirts online. This will earn you a good rebate in bulk.