3 Fun Crafts to Make with Black Polymer Clay


Those who are artistic know just how important it is for their overall well-being to create art. When making art, it can leave you feeling fulfilled, far less stressed, and at peace. However, some people often get “stuck” in their one or two favorite artistic activities and don’t branch out to try others. Some others automatically assume they are not artistic at all just because they haven’t proven to be Picassos in painting or Michelangelo in sculpting.

This is where polymer clay can come in. Working with clay has been a popular art form for centuries, but seems to have recently become less popular. Not only can working with clay provide you with practical objects, like bowls, for one example, but it can also be an expression of self, stress-relieving, and simply be all-around fun!

There are a whole host of objects that you can create with the assistance of clay, but we will have a look at some that require black polymer clay specifically. Here are three crafts that anybody can make with black polymer clay.

One of the most popular activities to engage in with polymer clay is jewelry making. With this clay, you can create stunning, unique, and personality-projecting jewelry pieces. Some people love to simply buy jewelry, but it can be particularly empowering to create your own jewelry and show it off anytime you like.

One of the most popular jewelry pieces to make with clay is earrings. These particular jewelry pieces look even more stunning when created with black clay because not only can black earrings be worn during any occasion, but they can be extremely eye-catching and fashionable.

You could also make other pieces of jewelry with this type and color of clay, like brooches, pendants, and even bracelets. Whether you make them for yourself or someone else, they will feel good to make and look good to wear! Plus, they’re easy to make and can be made flawlessly even by beginners.

As mentioned earlier, making pottery with clay has been an activity humans have engaged in for centuries. It provides a relaxing art form and a practical creation. The possibilities are endless with pottery-making! You can make a vase for your flowers, a pot for succulents, mugs, a pencil holder, a soap dish– and so much more!

The luxury of using black polymer clay in particular, however, is that it is a unique color for pottery. Usually, pottery of the aforementioned types is made with pastels and brighter colors. However, with black, it could be an interesting twist on pottery pieces. It could be an added accent for more eye-drawing reactions in any bright room! You could even paint the black creation to add more style.

Decorations and Gifts
You can really get creative with clay and make other such items that don’t fall into the two aforementioned categories. With clay, you can create a whole host of objects that could be decorations for yourself or for your friends and family. These can be such things as bookends, ashtrays, ornaments, coasters, and wall art.

If you are ever looking to gift someone something that is really personalized and authentically thoughtful, you should consider making something from polymer clay. Two great examples of gifts to create from clay and give to loved ones are picture frames and ornaments. You can really get creative with these and plenty of others!

These are only three outstanding examples of crafts you can make with black polymer clay, but there are of course a whole plethora of other options you could indulge in! When shopping for the best polymer clay to soothe your creative side, look no further than the offerings from Firefly Art Supplies. Anything you need to cater to your inner artist, they have just for you!

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