203 killed in Mali operation

203 killed in Mali operation
203 killed in Mali operation

At least 203 people have been killed in an anti-terror operation by the country’s army in the Maura region of Mali’s Sahel state. The operation was carried out from March 23 to 31. The AFP news agency quoted a statement from Mali’s military as saying.

A number of people, including civilians, have been killed in the Maura area recently, according to various reports circulating on social media.


Mali’s army issued a statement on Friday, local time. The statement said the army had killed 203 militants and arrested 51 others. They also seized huge weapons. The army has described the Maura area of ​​Sahel state as a ‘terrorist world’.

21 million people live in Mali. In 2012, militant activity spread to different parts of the country. Since then, thousands of military personnel and civilians have been killed in militant attacks. There are also allegations against the army for carrying out various tortures in this conflict situation.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently warned in the Security Council that “efforts to curb terrorism in Mali could have dire consequences for civilians.”

In a statement yesterday, Mali’s military claimed that it was operating in accordance with human rights and international law.