2 Powerful Protection Amulets to Consider Wearing


Life is filled with varying energies and vibrations. Some people have high vibrations, resulting in raising your own vibrations and overall happiness during interactions. However, some people have low vibrations, too. When interacting with these types of people, your vibrations are greatly lowered, putting you in an overall negative mental and spiritual state, causing you to feel a variety of negative emotions.

We can encounter these kinds of people in our daily lives, whether they be family members or complete strangers. When this happens, it’s important that you, your vibrations, and energies are protected. But how can you best protect yourself during these moments, especially when they are unplanned?

Fortunately, energy-enhanced and blessed jewelry can be used to assist you in this predicament. Energy Artist Julia creates stunning and powerful jewelry and even art pieces to best protect your positive energy and overall being from other darker energies.

One example of jewelry in particular that can accomplish this is her powerful protection amulets. These work in spectacular and mystical ways to bring you and your spiritual being the most peace, even when experiencing those who aren’t at peace with themselves.

There are many options of these stunning pieces of jewelry, so let’s look at the top two most effective and powerful protection amulets that Energy Artist Julia supplies so you can find the right one for you.

1. The Hamsa Spiritual Protection Amulet
The hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet that has been used for nearly 5,000 years. It is well-known for its protective powers against negative and dark energies. It originated in Mesopotamia, where it was utilized to ward off curses, bad luck, and evil spirits. It’s been used by various cultures for thousands of years since and continues to be used today for the same protective purposes. It’s now found in both jewelry and art pieces.

If you are feeling as if nothing in your life is going right, as if bad luck has specifically chosen you and you can’t get away from it, using this Hamsa Spiritual Protection Amulet can help you escape that dark rut. It can provide you with spiritual relief and protection against future negative energies.

This particular amulet is not only practical in protecting you from the darker spiritual realm, but it’s also stunning in a fashionable sense. It’s hand-crafted and has resinated glass on stainless steel. It works to protect your chakras as well, furthering its practicality and protective properties. Plus, it was blessed and energy enhanced by Energy Artist Julia herself, making it even more powerful than any other Hamsa protection amulet out there.

2. El Sol Yang Empowerment Amulet
We have all heard of Yin and Yang. Yin energy has to do with more “feminine” energy, such as wisdom, gentleness, persistence, and relaxation. Meanwhile, Yang energy is a representation of growth, passion, and brightness.

When either of these energies doesn’t match the other, you can tell, as your entire spiritual being is off kilter. If your Yang is off, you know because you are more passive, don’t set boundaries, and are easily taken advantage of (once again, those darker energies and low vibrations come into play here).

That’s where the El Sol Yang Empowerment Amulet comes in. It can protect you from these energies, positively charge your Yang energy, and assist you in taking control of your world.

This piece is not only outstanding in its energy charging abilities, but it is also exquisite in quality. It is also made of resinated glass with stainless steel with a sterling silver bale. It is also blessed by Julia herself, adding extra desirable energetic qualities to this unique piece.

Now that you know the two best and most powerful protection amulets from Energy Artist Julia, feel free to browse her other energetic jewelry pieces and art pieces to bring you and your life to its most spiritually energetic capabilities. You deserve it.

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