Small Tattoos for men to hide

Tattoo art is growing every day in terms of popularity as well as the number of options of areas and designs you can choose from when it comes to getting inked. If you are a student or an office-going person you might not want your tattoo to be visible. Also, some tattoos are very intimate and have a deep meaning for oneself and you do not want all eyes on it. Luckily there are many placement areas that will hide your tattoos from the public eye and if you want to look some ideas you can visit Tattoos-For-Men.com, this website has some classic ideas which we belive you love. Now, without further ado let’s get into it.

  1. Behind it on your ear: Behind your ear, you have a lot of space to work on also it is easy to hide if you have long hair. Many celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Adele, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Demi Lovato have tattoos behind their ears. This placement of a tattoo gives you more control over when you want to show it and when not. Ear lobe and tragus tattoos are also a very suitable but painful option for a secret tattoo.
  • Between your Fingers: Finger or hand tattoos are very common but if you want to hide a small tattoo of yours the space between your fingers is the best to serve the purpose. The tattoos in this area look discreet and no one will be able to notice them unless you want to flaunt them. 
  • The inner side of your ankle: Most people prefer the inner side of their ankle for small tattoos not only because they look super cute but you can also hide them very easily with shoes and boots if you want to. 
  • On your chest: A tattoo on the chest won’t usually catch the eye of the audience. You can get a small and dainty tattoo on your sternum. It can easily be hidden by clothes and won’t be visible unless you wear a very low-cut neckline. 
  • Inside your lips: It might seem weird but you can also get the insides of your lips inked. As implausible as it may sound it is a delicate spot to hide tattoos from the public eye. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner have it. Although, keep in mind that it is one of the most painful areas to get inked as it is a nerve-rich area and is supplied with a large number of blood vessels. These tattoos also fade away in 1 to 5 years.
  • On your neck: The nape of your neck is an incredible location to hide your intimate tattoo. Ariana Grande has a tattoo in the said location and successfully hides it with her iconic ponytail. Also, the sides of your neck are suitable to get a small tattoo that you can easily hide by wearing your hair down.
  • Inside your arm: Biceps of your arms can be an excellent spot to hide your small tattoos. You can cover it up conveniently by wearing a long sleeves shirt or flex it by wearing a strapless shirt or tank top. 
  • On your upper thigh: Nobody will know if you get a tattoo on your upper thigh unless you go on the beach wearing a bikini or wear very short shorts and skirts. The upper thigh tattoo looks sexy and you can hide it very easily by wearing dresses and pants. 
  • On your collarbone: The collar bone tattoos look extremely attractive. You can get inspiration from Rihanna and Hailey Baldwin who have intricate collar bone tattoos. Tattoos in this area can be concealed easily by wearing a collar neck or a round neck shirt or even by using make-up.  
  • Down the spine: Also a very sensual style of tattoo. The down the spine tattoo looks alluring and you have a major space to work on. It is also a very painful site to get a tattoo so be mindful of that. If you don’t want the attention to it then you can protect it from beholders by simply wearing shirts or dresses which do not have a low-cut back. For special occasions, you can flaunt your charming tattoo by wearing backless dresses. 
  • Under boob or side-boob: Women out there who desire to get an intimate tattoo which they can hide perfectly, this option is for you. Again, Rihanna, the queen is a perfect vision for those wanting an under boob tattoo. Although we all are not as bold as her to reveal it in public, so you can conceal it conveniently just by wearing normal clothes.
  • Under your foot: Yes under your foot. I know your feet itched by reading that because mine did too, but it is a perfect spot for hiding a tattoo unless you decide to walk around barefoot. This is an enigmatic idea and no one will ever know if you have a tattoo in this place unless you intentionally decide to draw attention to it. Oh, the pain we know happiness comes with a price, so although it is extremely painful, takes longer to heal, and has a tendency to blur, but you desperately want one, go for it. (Whisper: listen Rihanna has it).
  • The inner side of your wrist: Tattoos on the wrist are a common practice and they look delicate and beautiful. Many people prefer getting the insides of their wrists tattooed not only because they look elegant but also are easy to hide. You can hide them by layering bracelets or wearing a watch or just wear a long-sleeved shirt and you’ll be good to go.
  • On the side of your foot: The side of your foot is usually not visible when wearing shoes so it is a great spot to hide small tattoos. But like under the foot tattoos these are also prone to fading due to the friction from the shoes. 

On your ribcage: Rib Cage tattoos are a popular trend these days but are also the second on the list of most painful tattoos. They look sexy and alluring and can easily be hidden with clothes when desired so they are a prominent choice among women.