12 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Logo For Your Business

Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Logo For Your Business

Have you heard “the first impression is the last?” We are sure you may have!
If you are willing to introduce your brand to the audience, you are presenting a solution to their problem. Right?

So, won’t you try your best to have a perfect and more relatable identity for your brand?
What is an “identity” here? The logo of your brand! If your logo is not attractive, you may lose a bunch of customers.

But if your logo is catchy and attractive and defines an idea behind it – good job, you are getting pro in it!

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Oftentimes people do not pay more focus on their logos. Sadly, they do not realize that it will be a plus point if they have a top-quality branding identity with a strong online presence. That is why we have listed below 12 major mistakes made by logo designers so that you can double-check where you are lacking at.


1. Don’t get too inspired

Being inspired by someone’s work is perfect but getting too much inspired by a logo can often end up in having an imitation of it!

You are familiar with the name of Starbucks Coffee but what if we ask you to Google the logo of Starpreya Coffee Company?
Hey Starpreya, we see what you did there!

2. Adding too many colors is a big no!

Using a lot of colors and that too on a bright tone may get noisy sometimes. Colors have a great impact on human psychology and emotions. So, select colors while keeping your mind switch on!

3. Know your audience

It is necessary to know your audience first before you design your logo!

If you are willing to target everyone, that is okay but if you are targeting a smaller customer base then focus on their preferences and come up with a captivating logo.

4. Over-crowded

You can not just add everything to a logo. Keep it simple because minimal is great!

Or it is on you if you are willing to add good colors, font, or elements in it but make sure it has a story to define. Otherwise, it is a big nope from our side!

5. Using a calligraphy font with all capital letters

That is what you are not going to do – at all!

We know flowy font can look beautiful but everyone is not aware of the art of reading calligraphy and it requires a lot of concentration.

6. What to place on a bright background?

If your logo is complex, try not to add it on a bright and colorful background. It will not please the eyes of the spectators.

You can use a light background for that or you can add simple and single-tone logos over dark backgrounds.

7. Yellow over White

Did you already imagine the color combination we have discussed? Is it a yes? Okay, we can sense the expressions on your face.

It is generally not suggested to pick a yellow color for your logo text as it will be hard to read but if you have selected a white background then yellow over white is a definitely NO! You can pick a black color for the text or choose any darker tone – it will be perfect!

8. Long company name in the same line

Writing a long company name using the same font and in the same line is not what you are going to do!

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9. Overusing outlines does not always look good

We know how important it is to have a neat and clean logo but if you are having an outline over your logo to make it pop up – the results you will get are not what you expect them to be!

A few lines in the logo will go best and if you have selected a light color, know that it is what you want!

10. If you have a long company name, don’t rotate it to the right.

Because most languages are read from left to right, we connect a name leaning like this with something tipping over and about to topple – like a badly attached sign on a decrepit shop front.

11. Not proper research

We know research is the most dreadful part of the process but to hit your target you need to aim for it. Right?

Once you have proper and complete research, you can know a lot about the logos currently revolving in the market!

12. Avoid overlapping the letters

Fusing and overlapping letters can sometimes result in an interesting logo, but only if the name is just a few characters long!

A logo that overlaps merely a few characters in a lengthy name might appear “off.”


It is said “do not judge a book by its cover” but in this modern era, people still tend to judge and get attracted towards your brand by having a look at your logo. That is why we have penned down 12 of the most minor mistakes that have a major impact on your brand’s marketing and identity. So, go through our blog once and know where you are lacking behind!