101 Places to Visit in the UK


The UK, one of the most powerful nations of the world had conquered almost half of the globe in past is known for its great hospitality when it comes to travel. This English land welcomes millions of visitors from each and every part of this blue planet every month but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are restrictions traveling this country.

If you are planning to visit the UK once the pandemic is over, then this post is undoubtedly for you. There are tons of exciting places and destinations to explore in the UK and if you are unaware of these destinations, then this post about 101 places to visit in the UK will help you visit some of the most renowned UK travel destinations.

Let’s stop babbling and start the list:-

1.Big Ben

Big Ben doesn’t need any reorganization, the name itself is enough. One of the UK’s most iconic and visited destinations, Big Ben is worth visiting and should include in your list of the favorite places you are going to explore during your next UK trip. This 160+ years old monument is a marvel of ancient engineering and still fascinates the visitors.

The Big Ben consists of 11 floors measuring more than 90 meters, 13.5 metric ton bell, 9 and 14 feet long hour and minute hand respectively. This place can be visited using a bus, train or tube from central London in minutes. You can also go for a bicycle ride to visit the place which will provide an easy tour of the city as well as it’s more budget-friendly.

2.Tower of London


One of the most ancient monuments of the UK, the Tower of London was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. This fortress has a rich and heritage value and has been ruled by multiple rulers after King William. This place has played multiple prominent roles over these years such as being a place for keeping royal documents, coin minting, royal zoo, and also as a prisoner for more than 8,000 infamous criminals. If you want to explore the rich British history, you shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

3.London Eye

You must have seen this huge cantilever in many Hollywood movies and visiting the same place would be great fun indeed. The London Eye is the tallest cantilever in the whole world and you won’t believe that this place welcomes more than 4 million travelers every year.

It is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for the locals and you must not miss the chance to see the iconic London Eye. Get inside one of the 32 capsules which provide a great view of London city. The huge wheel of the London Eye rotates at a very slow speed which makes it appropriate to take breathtaking pictures of skylines and nearby famous monuments.

4.St Paul’s Cathedral


There are many cathedrals in the UK but none can match the elegance of St Paul’s Cathedral. The construction of the monument took place in 1675 which gets completed in 1771 and was built by Christopher Wren. The UK is the home to some of the most ancient buildings and structures and St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most prominent of those monuments.

5.Buckingham Palace

Now, this is something you must, must not miss while your tour to the UK. The Buckingham Palace is the residence of the UK’s royal family and famous queen of England. This building features more than 700 rooms which are lavishly decorated. The sparkling candelabras, fine furniture, damask wallpaper, cozy carpets, marble columns, etc make the place extraordinarily awesome.

The palace area is huge enough that the garden itself covers an area of more than 35 KM and features 350+ varieties of flowers and 200 trees. The palace also consists of more attractions other than just a garden including a vast lake, tennis court, summer house, Waterloo vase, rose garden, and an herbaceous border.

6.Tower Bridge


Tower Bridge is one of the symbolic icons of the UK and it would be a great loss to not visiting this place while on your vacation to the UK. It was popularly known as the Tower of London in earlier times because there was a prison inside the tower. One of the most marvelous ancient engineering marvels, it takes almost eight years to construct and was opened in 1894.

It features a length astonishingly 240 meters and the twin towers are 61 meters tall above the famous river Thames. Tower Bridge is one of the most British things you would ever see in the UK and that’s why this place deserves a visit from you and your family members.

7.Madame Tussauds

It is a great honor for somebody to be a part of the world’s famous Madame Tussauds wax life-like replicas and it will be one of your life’s greatest moments to visit this place. It was founded by Marie Tussaud who was one of the most popular and skilled wax sculptures in the 17th century.

This museum features more than four hundred wax sculptures of some world’s most famous personalities including actors, musicians, politicians, religious heads, geniuses, historic figures, scientists, and many other celebrities.

8.Trafalgar Square


A beautiful place for spending your wonderful English evenings, Trafalgar Square is an epicenter of the modern world and medieval civilization. The square lies in the center of London and is the best place to make some moments beside the city rush. Trafalgar Square isn’t only one of the UK’s most popular and visited destinations, it also glorifies the rich heritage, culture, and history of the English nation.


This prehistoric and mysterious monument is a must to visit place in the UK and you will miss a lot not visiting one of the UK’s travel hotspots. It’s basically a ring of huge standing stones measuring around 4 meters high and 2 meters wide. These stone pieces weigh more than 25 tons and that’s it has become a mystery, how these huge stones are placed and carried without modern technology.

Researchers believe that it has been constructed around 3000 BC – 2000BC. This world heritage site attracts millions of local and international tourists every year and you should visit this amazing place once in your life.

10.Ben Nevis


It’s time for some adventure and no place can be perfect more than Ben Nevis for a few enjoying few outdoor activities. It is the best spot for doing ice skating, mountain climbing, ice climbing, and many other fun activities. It welcomes more than 100,000 visitors every year which makes it a less explored and less exploited travel destination of the UK. The untouched and surreal beauty of this place will hypnotize you.

11.Hyde Park, London

12.Westminster Abbey, Westminster

13.Royal Observatory, Greenwich

14.Albert Docks

15.Blackpool Sands

16.Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

17.Brecon Beacons

18.Belnheim Palace

19.Sherwood Forest


21.St Michael Mount

22.Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland

23.Warwic Castle

24.White Cliffs or Dover

25.Skara Brae, Orkney Islands

26.Salisbury Cathedral

27.Shakespeare’s Birthplace

28.Roman Baths

29.Royal Pavilion

30.Oxford University

31.Oval Ground

32.Llangollen Canals, Wales

33.Norfolk National Park

34.Lake Windermere

35.Kew Gardens

36.Leeds Castle

37.Loch Ness

38.The Needles

39.Luskentyre Beach

40.Notting Hill Carnival

41.Jurassic Coast

42.John O’Groats

43.Greenwich Observatory

44.Hadrian’s Wall

45.Giant Causeway

46.Iconic Orme Tramway

47.Fairy Pools

48.Edinburgh Festival

49.Forth Bridge

50.Fingal’s Cave


52.Court Palace, Hampton

53.House of Parliament

54.Jane Austen’s Museum

55.Durdle Door

56.Eden Project

57.Edinburgh Castle

58.Clovelly Village

59.Suspension Bridge, Clifton

60.Cheddar Gorge

61.Roman Gardens, Chester

62.Howard Castle

63.Sand Beach, Camber

64.Cambridge University

65.British Museum

66.Brighton Pier

67.Arthur’s Seat

68.Angle of North

69.Guildhall Art Gallery

70.Piccadily Circus

71.Bunhill Fields

72.Dulwich Park

73.Warner Brother’s Studio

74.Covent Garden

75.Notting Hill Gate

76.Hill Park, Golders

77.Kensington Garden

78.Wimbledon Tennis Museum

79.Richmond Park

80.Catherine Docks

81.Rugby Stadium, Twickenham

82.Chruchill’s War Room

83.Hampstead Heath


85.The O2 Arena

86.Oxford Street

87.Leicester Square

88.G.O.T (Game of Thrones) Filing Locations

89.Dark Woods

90.Ormore Beach

91.Barry Island

92.Gower Peninsula

93.South Stack Lighthouse

94.Bolton Abbey

95.Beatles Tour

96.Isles of Scilly

97.Costwold Villages

98.Beach Huts, Whitstable

99.Hever Castle

100.Farne Island