10 YouTube Video Ideas That You Can Implement In Your Business


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. It has more than two billion registered users. Thus, it has become a relevant business marketing vehicle. We present ten YouTube video ideas applicable to your guest posting company.

Along with learning how to create a YouTube channel or how to use YouTube tags, brands need to be aware of their dominant trends.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki reports that during the first quarter of 2020 alone, video watch time increased 25%. Between January and June, live streams grew by 45%. Additionally, more than half a million channels will broadcast live for the first time in 2020.

Wojcicki assures that critical issues such as public health and racial and social justice have taken over the spotlight on YouTube. Likewise, he highlights two central functions:

Independent learning. 77% of people surveyed by Ipsos used YouTube to learn a new skill.

Product research. Talk Shoppe points out that 70% of respondents purchased something from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. Therefore, purchases will be integrated into the platform in 2021.

YouTube video ideas for businesses

In marketing, video is used to increase brand visibility and promote audience engagement. Additionally, it can contribute to particular campaign goals, such as improving the conversion rate on a landing page.

Additionally, it is an ideal medium to humanize a brand by showing real employees, clients, and allies. You can also build credibility and reputation as an expert by offering useful informational content to the consumer.

But, with over 500 hours of content uploaded every minute, what are the best options for businesses? Below are ten YouTube video ideas to implement at each stage of the conversion funnel.

YouTube video ideas – top of the funnel

Here your purpose is to captivate the audience and make them think about the need they have (that your company fulfills).

1. Explanatory videos or tutorial videos

Demonstrate your expertise and experience. They are attractive because they help the user with doubts or problems. They build trust by offering knowledge without promoting sales.

2. Brand content

It communicates the values of the brand and not its offer. It works to interest the consumer in the identity of your company and generates conversations about it, bringing notoriety. Its added value is entertainment or emotion.

3. Lifestyle videos

These YouTube video ideas bring you closer to the daily life of your audience by showing how your business is useful and profitable on a daily basis. They combine useful information and entertainment.

4. User Content

The best ambassadors of your brand are your customers. Videos created from their experiences with your business are the perfect testimonial to attract new consumers.

5. Ads

The spots are still effective in making brands visible. YouTube Marketing allows you to segment in detail to deliver them to a precise audience.

YouTube video ideas – middle of the funnel

It’s time to show details of what you do to convince your audience that you are their best option.

1. Videos of products or services

They demonstrate the benefits and differentials of business. They are a practical and accessible window to discover how a product or service solves a problem.

They include videos to answer questions submitted by consumers or to learn how to use your offer.

2. Trick Videos

They teach how to make the most of your offer while making your audience feel that you are looking for their well-being and convenience.

YouTube video ideas – bottom of the funnel

Drive the transformation from captive users to customers with compelling and accurate content.

1. Testimonials

They help a potential customer identify with those who have already solved their problems. They show closeness to the consumer and, therefore, build trust.

2. Case studies

They also place the user in the customer role. In addition, they support the voice of the brand to expose its purposes, values, and methods.

3. Collaborative videos

They persuade your audience using the authority of influencers in your field. Offer a discount or benefit through them to close the deal with your customers. Remember that YouTube SEO prioritizes the relevance, engagement, and quality of the videos to present them as search results. Thus, you must take care of the clarity and precision of your titles, tags, and descriptions in relation to the content of the videos that you create from these YouTube video ideas.