10 Voice Assistance Predictions 2022 You Should Know


“Hey, Alexa! Do I have any messages?”

Voice was considered being the future of technology and user interface, and it is now a reality.

Post pandemic, individuals are more concerned about touching alien things than anything ever.

Thus, voice assistance filled the gap perfectly and has accelerated since the pandemic.

The demographic shift and customer behavior towards the “new normal” made it increasingly popular among youth and advanced age individuals equally.

Experts predict that voice-driven user experiences will continue to grow with the increase in online products. According to Juniper Research, a forecast by UK-based “the voice commerce will grow to reach over 80 billion dollars per year by 2023.”

Further, it has been dominated by smartphones. Voice search has surged incredibly.

Voice has revolutionized the way people interact with technology and take online loans for bad credit in Ireland effortlessly. 

To take advantage of this growing trend, businesses and individuals should know about the trends and predictions of voice technology in 2022.

What do you mean by voice search?

Voice search uses “speech” to ask questions and give commands through the use of smartphones and tablets. It has become a popular mode of interaction, as it reduces time and exertion. Voice search and help can be used for multiple tasks.

Key Predictions for Future of Voice Assistants

1) Modified search behaviors

In 2022, voice-based shopping is expected to reach a market value of 40 billion, according to a source. And thus, Voice-based ad revenues are bound to increase by 18% by the year 2022.

The statistics reveal an unprecedented increase in voice-oriented searches, and Giants like Amazon and Google are likely to update their messaging to improve the customer experience and convenience.

Instead of this, companies are looking for contextual factors to improve vocal techniques and revolutionize businesses.

2) Voice-optimized push notifications

Voice-optimized push notifications present a promising future compared to recurring reminders or information emails. 50-60% of users opt for push notifications. It implies a major shift in business interaction with the customer.

Apart from this, voice assistance also connects third-party applications with voice push notifications. Both Google and Alexa share this feature. You can do everything, from reminding individuals about an upcoming event to booking movie tickets and appointments.

3) Providing personalized experiences

With voice-enabled devices like Google and Amazon, the individual can not only listen to the device. They can also talk to it. The 2022 wave is expected to transform voice experience by optimizing it with a personalized customer experience.

Google Home supports multiple user accounts and recognizes unique voices instantly.

It can effectively reply to a user’s query- “Which is the best restaurant in London?”

The voice assistance is smart enough to identify every minute detail regarding a customer’s query and provide him with near-exact results. Assistance can help one identify a location, address, payment details, sign-board, etc., effortlessly.

4) Voice assistance integrated Devices

Amazon stands at the forefront of integrating a device with voice. People familiar with Alexa must acknowledge that voice assistance has already been integrated into multiple products like refrigerators. Thus, 2022 is expected to see a wide interest in voice-optimized devices and products. 

5) Enhanced security

With data-breaching becoming common, Amazon and Google are investing in efforts to ensure the security of users with Voice-search. In this light, Amazon has submitted several documents about the recording capabilities and how it preserves user data.

Individuals voiced their concerns regarding data collection, and to cater for this, Amazon added several new features that ensure a clean user interface with no pre-filled data.

6) Localized voice searches

According to statistics, “the UK has witnessed an increase in locally optimized voice searches.”

Consumers are using voice search to search for a restaurant, location, or landmark locally. Voice assistance helps consumers by providing citations from only trusted sources. And this is how voice search works.

7) Voice-optimized purchases online

According to a report, “up to 43% of individuals use voice search to make a purchase online.” Consumers across different age segments are using this technology to shop online. In 2022, voice-optimized searches coupled with artificial intelligence techniques like VR and AR will transform the overall shopping experience.

8) Businesses to adopt voice-search module.

E-commerce businesses own a broad customer group, and thus, to cater to their demands and shifting consumer behavior, it is imperative to introduce something fresh on the board.

Thus, voice-assistance shopping has become a highly lucrative option for e-commerce business firms. Many businesses are quickly making this shift by updating their website with voice-optimized searches and commands.

Voice-driven marketing helps marketers suggest personalized products for upselling and boost business revenue. Voice assistance may also remind a customer about the previously made purchase, and it is helpful if a customer is considering the same or similar product to buy online.

Here are some amazing stats about voice-optimized shopping:

  • Customer shifts to voice search for saving time, money, effort
  • Online shoppers spent £136 more than people who shopped online
  • The most common item bought- groceries.
  • About one-third of avid shoppers buy something at least a month.

So, the reasons for adopting voice-search by businesses are apparent here. 2022 is all set to witness major shifts in the same.

9) Inbound calls and IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

An advanced Interactive Voice Response and call tracking can boost sales significantly. The firms can use an intelligent virtual agent with an NLP engine to answer customers’ queries in real-time. A small call tracking system can help the business monitor and record every call from customers.

It thus can help businesses to ensure robust data and generate outbound sales campaigns. Businesses can ensure a competitive advantage by rationalizing the very idea.

10)  Voice assistance in applications

Research has shown that applications integrated with voice assistants have been successful and revolutionized the navigation experience for users.

This GUI-adaptive interface helps the user navigate through a single element. It is amazing technology for those who want to reduce time and energy while using the app or to take out for unsecured personal loans in Ireland through an online application.

Therefore, these are some of the voice assistance trends to witness in 2022. The less is the new more. Every untapped opportunity comes with a clock. Capitalize on it before it loses its rage.