10 Coolest Hi Capa Upgrades [And the Hi Capa Parts You Need to Make Them]


What’s not to love about a Hi Capa? Tough, reliable, and downright cool, Hi Capas can be endlessly customized due to their popularity and the number of manufacturers that make compatible parts for them.

If you want to trick your Hi Capa out with some upgrades, turning it into your “airsoft masterpiece,” some of the following ideas are tops. Pick up these Hi Capa parts and make the upgrades yourself or get in touch with a professional airsoft shop.

1.Slide upgrade
There’s no better way to add color and distinction to your Hi Capa airsoft pistol than with a new aluminum slide. Many of them are made CNC machined aluminum, brightly arrayed, and feature attractive texturing or skeletonization.

2.Aluminum trigger
Complement the color of your upgraded slide with a new CNC machined aluminum trigger that’s light, strong, and color-coordinated. Nothing shines like a Hi Capa with an upgraded slide, trigger, and barrel – speaking of which.

3.A threaded barrel (or a Maple Leaf tight bore barrel)
Two of the best options for replacing your stock Hi Capa barrel are to use a Maple Leaf Tight Bore, or one of the threaded barrels from Airsoft Masterpriece. A tight bore barrel can help you improve accuracy and a threaded barrel will enable you to mount airsoft accessories at the muzzle, like a suppressor or a tracer unit.

4.A brass hop-up base
Why replace your Hi Capa hop-up base with a brass model? One, because brass is effectively impervious to the elements, and two, because it looks cool, especially if you have a gold-tone thing going on.

5.Custom recoil buffers
Does your Hi Capa jam under heavy use? Have you had problems with the slide or frame cracking? If so, you could use professional, custom recoil buffers. They’ll protect your slide and frame, help prevent jamming, all without adversely affecting cycling or response time.

6.Recoil spring upgrade (and a guide rod)
Looking to boost handling and cycling time, improving your rate of fire and accuracy? Get a tougher recoil spring and pair it with a spring guide rod to extend its lifespan.

7.New aluminum sights
New aluminum sights might not bring anything fancy to the table in terms of functionality, but if you’re tricking out your Hi Capa with brightly colored aluminum Hi Capa parts, new aluminum sights just present another opportunity for personalization.

8.An upgraded hammer power regulator
Improve trigger response, consistency and reliability with COWCOW Hammer Power regulator – ideal for competition shooters with exacting demands for their gear.

9.Steel slide stop
It might seem like a basic upgrade, but a steel slide stop will offer a significant boost to the reliability of your Hi Capa. It’ll also never break, deform or fail. If you can figure out how to beat a steel slide stop, call us and let us know.

10.Blowback housing
Upgrade your blowback housing with a lightweight, CNC machined aluminum housing and match it to the color of your other upgrades while you’re at it, creating a one-of-a-kind yeet machine in the process.

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