10 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Doing SEO

avoid these 10 common mistakes while doing SEO and succeed

One of the worst things that could happen to a content marketer and SEO practitioner is – when they have put their weeks and days to create the content and still don’t get the ranking on search engines. This is a disappointing situation, but always remember, every master was once a beginner!

Businesses in today’s world are going with fast-paced technology and digitalization. The internet has taken the brands with a storm, and e-commerce in town has made the process more reliable and seamless. However, to win this race like a pro, this is important for businesses to fix the SEO jigsaw puzzle rightly!

The process of optimizing the websites for enhanced organic traffic and advanced reach among the online audience – SEO is the finest technique used by brands to rank their websites on search engines especially Google. The strategic plans for campaigns and digital marketing strategies also need to be proficient and effective for the online audience.


Performing SEO tactics is not a cup of tea. This is a big ocean where each drop of water has got its own importance. The expert resume maker from a renowned CV writing service had shared his thought, that hiring a professional expert to rank the websites can save your business from a huge loss. So, there is no need to go low budget for the low performance.

Search engine optimization is considered to be the type of castle where one wrong brick can ruin the entire appearance. Below, we have curated a list of 10 common mistakes that you should avoid while performing the tricks of SEO.

Not Knowing The Targeted Audience:

If you are not knowing about the targeted audience then you may not be able to perform the optimizing technique effectively. Understand the audience for which your business is being targeted. Come up with a solution that is unique for the people and is advance enough for the directed reach. This would help you to search for the right keywords with the right type of content.

Using Wrong Or Highly Competitive Keywords:

Keyword research is one of those components where a lot of businesses make mistakes. This is necessary to understand that website and content must not be battling over the wrong keyword. For this purpose, you should incorporate correct keyword research tools and must come up with the long-tail and less competitive keywords for your content. This would broadly optimize the ranking.

Absence Of Mobile-Friendliness:

Mobile-friendly and speedily loading websites are always applauded by the audience. Make sure to focus on the mobile-first indexing and responsiveness of the website. It was shared by Google in 2018 that the websites would be ranked on the basis of their mobile-friendliness. Also, the content and media shared on the websites must also be speed-optimized.

Writing Vague And Uninteresting Content:               

Writing very ordinary and dummy content would impact the ranking negatively. While performing the SEO, the quality of the content should be outstanding and must be very engaging for the targeted audience. If your piece of writing isn’t organized and properly formatted, it may get knocked out before even getting noticed by search engines.

Publishing Copied Content:

Plagiarized content is having zero chances of getting ranked on Google or any other search engine. If you have copy-pasted any material from any source on the internet, it is more likely to get a penalty charge! Moreover, today’s audience is quite smart and would surely not like to read the content that has already been published before.  

Not Focusing On The Long-Tail Keywords:

While being into the ranking process of your site via optimized and organic means, this is essential to focus on long-tail and low-competitive keywords. People are more likely to type their entire query in the search bar. And if you choose long-tail keywords for your content, your website would rank quickly in the top results.

Skipping Images And Meta Descriptions:

Pay attention to the images, digital media, Meta descriptions, Meta titles, and keywords that you have added to your content. For the improved performance of your website on search engines, make sure to add captivating meta descriptions and title tags to the content. Image tags and title tags help Google to understand the context which directly impacts the ranking.

Infusing Poor Headings And Titles:

Hire pro and creative writers to write content, those who have excellent research and composing skills. Be it the social media headline or the blogs, avoid writing poor headings and titles for your content. The heading of the content should be conveying a complete message to the audience and must be very thoughtful. These headings help the crawler to interpret the meaning of content boosting the ranking.

Missing Out At Backlinks And Internal Links:

Internal links, external links, and backlinks play a vital role in SEO practice. Without having these links, the website may not be able to progress and would never be able to rank in the top search results. Rather than focusing on the number of links, make sure to concentrate on their quality. Powerful backlinks must be from the high-ranked website, just how the CV editing service in Dubai creates.  

Not Using Correct SEO Analytical Tool:

If you aren’t using the correct SEO analytical tools for the tracking of a website’s performance, then you may lag behind the competitors. You must use powerful keyword optimization and tracking tools like SEMrush or Google keywords tool. These help in gaining a clear insight about your targeted audience. Also, set up a regular review session for the analysis and measurement of SEO tracking.


Hiring proper experts from an SEO background would help your website to become visible to a range of audiences, and it would gain more traffic. Also, this is another direct way to convert leads into loyal customers. Avoid the aforementioned search engine optimization mistakes to get more audience at your website and to gain enhanced brand awareness.