10 Best Documentaries to Binge on Netflix


Netflix is one of the fewest streaming services available in almost every part of the world. It means you can access the famous streaming platform in 190+ countries worldwide.

However, the media content library of Netflix varies from country to country due to various reasons. For instance, the Netflix US titles might not be available in Australian Netflix or vice versa because of licensing agreements and other legal issues. 

Compared to other Netflix regions, Netflix US offers more compelling titles to viewers. This is one of the major reasons why American Netflix is extremely popular in Australia because more than 300,000 US people who reside in the country want to access US Netflix. 

Thus, they have to use a VPN that helps them access Netflix US library in Australia. By doing so, they can stream their favorite US shows, movies, and documentaries on a wide range of devices hassle-free. 

Coming back to the point, if you want to discover which documentaries are available for streaming on Netflix, continue reading this post.

10 Best documentaries to binge on Netflix

Athlete A

Athlete A as the name suggests is a documentary film that portrays various gymnasts, including Maggie Nichols. According to this documentary, Dr. Larry Nassar abused different gymnasts sexually when associated with the USA Gymnastics national team in the capacity of a Doctor.

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is an informative documentary film that describes the perils of social media compellingly. This documentary will show you different tech scientists working day and night to make our lives better.  

If you want to know about social media’s negative impacts, you should watch The Social Dilemma.   

Moreover, this documentary unveils the importance of online privacy in an enticing manner. If you are still not convinced with the disadvantages of social media, The Social Dilemma is a documentary film that can change your perception about this issue drastically. 

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

This is another informative documentary that revolves around a basketball coach turned college counselor. Furthermore, this documentary unveils some astonishing facts related to one of US history’s biggest educational scams.  

Once you have watched this documentary, you would realize that education has also become a modern business just like other businesses. 

The Creative Brain

The Creative Brain is an impressive documentary film that discusses the importance of creativity in a convincing manner. In this documentary, David Eaglemen tries to discover the creative side of different creative people. In short, creativity does create a world of difference when it comes to differentiating between an average person and famous people.    

Trump An American Dream

Trump An American Dream is a documentary that provides unique information about the former US president Donald Trump. If you wish to know about Donald Trump in detail, you should watch this documentary. 

Knock Down the House

Knock Down the House is an interesting documentary film that describes the role of a common man in the US political system. The documentary highlights the struggles of four female democrats who wanted to become a part of US politics by winning the 2018 US States elections.

The Staircase

The Staircase is a true crime documentary film in which a famous novelist Michael Peterson is accused of murdering his own wife, Kathleen Peterson. If you are interested in watching documentaries based on the crime genre, you should watch The Staircase. 

Making A Murderer

Making A Murderer is a real-life documentary film that explains the story of a man who had to spend 18 years of his precious life in prison. Unfortunately, he was wrongly accused of sexual assault and killing a man. Making A Murderer is an eye-opener for all of us who do not know about the dark side of the judicial system.


Pelé is a biographical documentary movie that highlights the lows and highs of the Brazilian national hero Pele. The documentary explores the efforts of Pele, which he made to make the game of soccer famous across the globe. 

If you are a fan of Pele’s extraordinary talent, you must watch this iconic documentary alongside your loved ones.  

Hitler A Career

Hitler A Career is an intriguing documentary movie that follows the personal and political life of Adolf Hiter. According to this film, Hitler defied all the odds and became a world conqueror almost. If you want to know how Hitler transformed himself from a common man to the world’s most hated dictator, you have every reason to watch Hitler A Career.    

Wrapping Up

Netflix is a one-stop solution for watching some of the best documentaries of all time on multiple devices. These devices include desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, etc. 

All the above-described documentaries in this post are based on different genres like crime, sports, politics, social and contemporary issues, etc.