09 essential tips for maintaining your washing machine for years


 Much of our daily life is dependent on our home appliances and appliance repair white plains. Your washing machine is one of the most critical devices at home. In addition, most of us try to take good care of our washing machines. Any ignorance and your life gets stuck due to this faulty machine. That is why we all need to understand the urge to maintain our washing machines. 

Likewise, many complain about their machines getting defective earlier than they should. If you face this issue today, you need to maintain your washing machine every time you use it. However, that does not mean you should take out your gear and kit. No, but you can follow a few tips to keep your washers and dryers running for a much longer time. 

So, here is the list of nine essential tips to upkeep your washing machines for years:

  • Deep clean the machine
  • Take care of the rubber gasket
  • Balance the washing machine
  • Watch out for the lint filter
  • Leave the door open to prevent odor
  • Do not overload the machine
  • Replace the water hoses
  • Choose the detergent carefully
  • Protect the body of the machine

Deep clean the machine:

Well, the irony is that washing machines need to be washed properly after using them. These electronic devices cannot keep on running without a proper clean-up. So, make sure you deep clean the washing tub every time you use it. Moreover, you notice that your clothes are not coming out clean no matter how long the cycle runs. It means that the washing machine is not clean itself. 

Take care of the rubber gasket:

Keep looking for any damage in the gasket. A gasket is a vital part of the machine. Therefore, you have to protect it from dust and other sticky particles. Typically, a rubber gasket lasts for three to four years. So, you better change it every five years. In this way, you can maintain your washers and dryers without calling washing machine repair in Atlanta.

Balance the washing machine:

A tilted washing machine may not work well or show problems shortly. That is why always balance the device on the floor and use it. In addition, check if the machine is balanced. If it is vibrating and noisy for no reason, balance the legs of the washer and dryer.   

Watch out for the lint filter:

The lint collector of your washing machine is crucial as it gets all the dirt particles and debris. S, watch out for its cleaning routine. Well, the location of the lint tube varies in different machines. To keep your washer running, clean it regularly. 

Do not overload the machine:

Be it your washing machine or dryer. Make sure that you do not overload the machine with clothes. First, it will start making noises, and then it might get defective in the future. As far as the washing tub is concerned, do not overload it with water. Also, do not wash bulky items such as blankets and heavy coats in small machinery.

Leave the door open to prevent odor:

After using the machine and cleaning it, leave the door open for some time. Do not let the foul odor develop in the washing machine. It is the biggest blunder to do right after using the washing machine. So, leave the door open for 20 to 30 minutes to prevent it from getting bacteria and producing a bad smell. 

Check and replace the water hoses:

To keep your machine running effortlessly, make sure to check the water hoses very often. Moreover, a notice of any of the inlets and outlets has leakage. Also, do not forget to check the outlets and drains. In case of any blockage, filter the drain pipe. And replace the water hoses if they crack and or are unrepeatable. Call for the professional help of washing machine repair in Atlanta when needed. 

Choose the detergent carefully:

Many people prefer using machine-specific detergents, and others focus on cleaning only. The point to note is that you must not use too harsh or heavily alkaline detergents. As a result, it will damage both the machine parts and your delicate clothes. So, go for the right washing detergent carefully.

Protect the body of the machine:

The body of the washer and dryer also demands some care. Your detergents and liquid washing agents can damage your body. So, protect the finish of your washer from acidic spills.


 Like other electronic devices in your home, your washing machine also needs some care and maintenance. Therefore, you should deep clean your washer and inspect its gaskets, lint filter, and water hoses. In addition, choose the detergent carefully and leave the door open to avoid bad smells and bacteria. Follow these tips and keep it running for years.